Balika Vadhu 2 7th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Bhairavi and Mehul getting back home. They hear everything. Anandi flees. She arrives at a sanctuary and cries. Anand says why Anandi, for what reason didn’t you tell this previously.

Mehul says we are glad for you, you saved Anandi. Anand says I need to in any case save her, Anandi had a kid marriage with Jigar, I have seen their pic. She says its unimaginable. Anand says don’t twist down before Anjarias.

She says this time, we will show them something new, I m with you. She proceeds to get some information about Jigar and Anandi’s Anjarias. She says Jigar captured Anandi, Anand could have kicked the bucket in that impact. She requests that they give time to Anandi.

Prem says I will get Jigar liberated and cause him to apologize to Anandi. Mehul says no, let him stay in prison, he will understand his misstep. Bhairavi says I m going to include the NGO. Prem says I m going to get Jigar home.

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Anandi hears the women discussing a woman, who is appealing to God for her better half’s life, in any event, when her significant other used to beat her. Anandi stops the woman. Sejal says assuming Anandi doesn’t keep this marriage then, at that point… Maadi baa says we will lose our regard. The letter falls there. Sejal says I m stressed for Jigar, no one else can deal with him. Maadi baa says its Kalyug, we need to bear this. She gets the letter.

Sejal says Ratan composed this letter for Anandi, how did this come here. Anand feels tragic for Anandi. He says I will forever uphold her.

Anandi implores at the sanctuary. She says show me some way, kindly, do I need to simply submit to my better half who torments me. She does tandav. She tumbles down. Maadi baa says I requested that you consume this letter, you know what choice Anandi can take assuming she understands this, I will consume it now.

Pandit favors Anandi and says you have a major difficulty in your heart, you have a major wish to satisfy. Anandi says I didn’t appeal to God for anything huge, I need a little clue for my future. He says Lord hears the call of genuine lovers, he will give you indicate the perfect opportunity. Sejal searches for a matchbox. She says I thought to light the diya.

Anand says its in the cabinet. She expresses gratitude toward him. He says you have fouled up with Anandi. She goes. He says she didn’t light the diya, for what reason did she request matchbox. Maadi baa consumes the paper and figures sorry Ratan, Anandi can never know your last wish. Anandi gets back home. She gets Ratan’s letter. She picks it and peruses.

Precap :Anandi goes to meet Jigar in the prison. She gets captured. She chastens Jigar.

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