Balika Vadhu 2 24th March 2022 Written Update:

Balika Vadhu 2 24th March 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Anand becoming irate and going to his office. Diya follows him and requests that where place the screens that has shown up. He answers discourteously to her. He laments and tells sorry to Diya. She asks him what’s happening. Anand gets some information about Jigar in the beyond two years. Diya tells about how he had been there for Anandi unequivocally at her least. Anand tells Jigar isn’t doing this for kinship but since he adores Anandi.

Diya requests that Anand acknowledge Jigar as a piece of Anandi’s life. Anand has an upset outlook on Jigar being still around Anandi and feels unreliable. Anandi meets Anand and they figure out. Anand comes near her and tells they should go on from where they left final evening and he additionally requests mercy for leaving suddenly from the date. Anandi informs him regarding her gathering with Jigar at the bistro around evening time. Anand tells he will pick her after the gathering is done and invest energy with one another later. Anandi concurs joyfully.

Diya and Raju organize the screens together. While putting one of containers by remaining on seat, Raju staggers and falls however Diya holds him on schedule. He says thanks to her for saving him and not chuckling at him like others generally do. He tells about Puttu being extremely savvy. Diya calls him extraordinary and adorable as well. Jigar is sitting tight for Anandi. She comes there and gets some information about financial backers. Jigar tells her that he has welcomed her for supper and he previously sent her about gathering being dropped. Anandi tells her PC wasn’t working so she didn’t really look at sends. Jigar says sorry for the misconception.

Anandi holds his hand and tells its her misstep not his. Anand comes there and gets some information about the gathering. Anandi tells it got dropped and says they ought to likewise leave now. Anand asks Anandi for what good reason was Jigar alone. She tells about the misconception she had and about gathering being dropped. Anand becomes irate and tells that Jigar loves her.

Anandi tells that she can’t eliminate Jigar from her life. Very much like them everybody merits another opportunity. She lets him know she will deal with everything. Anand tells her that she doesn’t give significance to their relationship. He talks discourteously and leaves without getting her perspective. Anandi breaksdown. Diya goes to meet Puttu and Raju and makes supper arrangements with them. She arranges pizza for them as Raju denies heading outside. Raju kisses Diya on cheek and she grins. Jigar is lying on bed and Pinkesh gets some information about what occurred. He tells that he had welcomed Anandi for a supper date and afterward she misjudged it was for meeting. Likewise the way that Anand came there.

Pinkesh advises Jigar to admit his sentiments to Anandi. Jigar fears losing her fellowship. Yet, his companion lets him know that he should take a risk. Anandi comes to meet Jigar and asks him mercy for destroying the supper and letting him be at the bistro. She requests that he plan a film night in remuneration. The episode closes with Jigar’s companion letting him know Anandi additionally loves him.

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