Balika Vadhu 2 23rd March 2022 Written Update:

Balika Vadhu 2 23rd March 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Anandi calling Anand and asking him for a date, Anand promptly concurs. Anand gets spruced up and arrives at Anandi’s home, he gets charmingly shocked seeing every one of the enrichments. Anandi comes and he gets dazed by his magnificence. He gives her bouquet and tells he believes he is embellished. Anandi lets him know that she is attempting to continue on and needs his assistance. She tells she has arranged his number one dish and most loved dessert as well.

Anand is bit lost however proceeds with their date. Anandi serves him food and tells they can take each other date on 3 days each and on Sundays they can get to know one another at home. Anand says nothing a lot. Anandi thinks that he is lost so she gets one rose and gets heartfelt with Anand which shocks him. She additionally brings his number one brownie as pastry. Anand is stunned as he probably is aware Anandi could have done without that brownie. She gives him a chomp however he causes her to eat first all things being equal. He eliminates the cream from her lips and they invest heartfelt energy.

Jigar lets his companion know that he has acknowledged he cherishes Anandi to an extreme and he won’t release her easily. His companion tells that at long last Jigar he needed has stir once more. Anandi likewise causes Anand to eat brownie and wipes off cream very much as he did. She draws near to him. While attempting to kiss, Anandi makes a clench hand of her hand and Anand reviews how Anandi used to cause clench hand when Jigar used to be close with her. He lets Anandi know that when they draw near she is helped to remember Jigar and he could do without this.

Anandi tells its nothing similar to that except for he focuses at her hand. He tells that they can give time to one another and continue gradually. He kisses her cheeks and leaves. Jigar prepares for office and his companion again lets him know that he has never seen Jigar so mindful toward anybody as he is for Anandi and requests that he let him know as to whether he can assist her with getting Anandi. Anand is leaving for office yet Bhairavi stops him to eat first. Anand is anybody in miserable mind-set. Bhairavi tells how Diya is at long last returning to her unique self and she is exceptionally cheerful.

Bhairavi asks Anand for what valid reason he looks stressed. He tells about issues in his and Anandi’s relationship. Bhairavi urges him to give her time and be close by at whatever point required. At office Anandi gets call about some issue in the financial plan document and Jigar being inaccessible on stand by. Jigar comes there and she lets him know same. He tells he will deal with the circumstance. Jigar again meets Anandi about more work stuff and inquires as to whether she is free as they have meeting in the evening. They leave office together and episode closes with Anand taking a gander at them all the while.

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