Balika Vadhu 2 22nd March 2022 Written Update:

Balika Vadhu 2 22nd March 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Anandi and Anand getting comfortable. They share close minutes and when Anand attempts to get cozy Anandi is stepped back to recollections of her first night with Jigar when he had attempted to compel her. She gets away from Anand. He asks the justification for her concern. She feels powerless. Anand energizes her and she acknowledges how she can’t continue on from the awful recollections. Anand tells he in all actuality do nothing without wanting to.

Jigar sees his companion playing with a young lady in the party and stops him. He requests that his companion leave the party and when gotten some information about the thing is he hanging tight for, Jigar exclaims he has been sitting tight for Anandi and admits that he loves her. He laments releasing her and being discourteous when she was important for his life. Pinkesh urges Jigar to tell his sentiments to Anandi before its past the point of no return. Diya and Bhairavi request that driver bring vehicle however he illuminates that tire is penetrated. Diya tells she will flag down a taxi, while they are holding up Varun comes there.

Bhairavi needs to deny however Diya acknowledges when he offers to drop them home. Bhairavi requests that Diya sit infront. Diya sees how Varun changes the mirror to see Bhairavi. Anand lets Anandi know that she can’t continue on till Jigar is near. Anandi tells him not to fault Jigar he actually feels remorseful about past. Herself can’t move from those sentiments. Anand remembers to follow through with something. Anandi is going to leave when Bhairavi and Diya arrive at there. Both Anand and Anandi gives different reason of Anandi being there. Diya prods her for wearing Diya’s dress.

Anand feels glad to see Diya being ordinary to him and embraces her. Bhairavi tells Anand she is so glad to see Diya and Anand being back to old terms. She observes Anand lost and asks him the explanation. Anand tells about how Anandi actually can’t continue on from quite a while ago. Bhairavi urges him to be a decent accomplice and help her. Anandi laments being not ready to emerge from before. Jigar’s companion requests that he follow through with something and not sit around. He tells about Anand and Anandi appreciating party and leaving right on time from party together.

Jigar tells his companion not to talk babble. He tells he needs to regard his bond with Anandi. Anandi posts about not having the option to allow life another opportunity assuming we are sticking to past. Diya discusses it to Bhairavi and requests that she give opportunity to Varun however she denies. Anand comes to meet Jigar lets him know that Anandi actually can’t continue on as a result of him. Jigar reviews how Anandi had said he is her closest companion. Anand requests that Jigar leave Anandi and disappear from her life. The episode closes with Jigar telling that he will leave in the event that Anandi tells so however if not he will not.

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