Balika Vadhu 2 13th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Maadi Baa talking to Krishna’s idol and wondering if she should get angry at Anandi’s unending queries or love her for her innocence and understanding at such a young age. Premji requests Khimji to sit down but he denies. He tells he is upset with what happened but he is more upset that it happened in Premji’s presence. Premji folds his hands and again begs for forgiveness.Khimji tells that this time Anandi will come back from Devgarh only after she turns eighteen which leaves everyone shocked. Anandi comes there with Sejal. Devali feels jealous seeing her wearing the ancestral necklace which she always wanted to get.

Khimji says they will leave now. Anandi hugs Premji and he cries. He says sorry but she requests him not to do so. He asks Anandi what she wants when he comes to meet her. Anandi looks at Kanku and asks Premji to buy a new phone for her. Premji agrees. Kanku hugs Anandi and tells she will miss her a lot. She asks her to come back soon. However Anandi says there is lot of time left for her to come but she invites Kanku to come to Devgarh.

Jigar teases Anandi that finally she can stop her ranting of going back home. Anandi says he must be very happy now but Jigar admits that he had got habituated of her being around which makes her smile. Anandi again hugs Premji. Ratan tells them to wait for a moment before leaving. She removes the necklace Anandi was wearing and requests Moti Baa to keep it. She tells Anandi is still very young and cannot keep such expensive possession safely. Moti Baa is reluctant to take it back but Maadi Baa asks her to take it.

Ratan asks forgiveness from everyone and then they leave. Anandi gets very happy coming back to her home. She asks about Kalpesh. Ratan informs her that he is at her maternal uncle’s home and will return back tomorrow. She feels upset and says she had thought she will share room with him after so long. Khimji cheers her up by saying that she has come back after so many days and can enjoy alone in the whole house. Anandi tells them about how she had to give her room to Maadi Baa at Premji’s house.

Ratan removes her sindoor and mangalsutra. Anandi asks her why is she doing so. She tells that no one in village knows about this marriage and gauna drama. Anandi says she had almost forgotten it was all just a pretense. Later Khimji and Ratan have a discussion anf feel guilty about lying to Anandi. They wonder if due to friendship bond they failed to be good parents. Khimji tells Ratan even he feels same. Suddenly they hear Anandi shouting. Anandi gets nightmare about kitchen incident when Devali had vigorously rotated her. The episode ends with Ratan and Khimji asking her to tell what had happened.

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