Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 3rd November 2022 Written Update:

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 3rd November 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Nandini saying I will likewise go with you Smash, I will deal with Vedika. Krish thinks Nandini is as yet considering herself however we want to save Priya and Pihu.

Priya insults Vedika how again she got caught in Nandini’s snare, presently will you transform into a lawbreaker like Shahi? Vedika figures I can’t be a lawbreaker. Here, Meera stress over Priya and Pihu when Vikrant lets them know that Smash has gone to save them. Meera petitions God for them.

Slam comes to Vedika and says I have requested that the legal advisor make the papers, you will get your portions. Nandini remembers to go inside as Vedika would transform things into her side. Vedika says I won’t fall into this snare of yours. Priya and Pihu begin calling out for Smash.

Nandini stresses hearing them. Shubham says police is here. Slam says capture Vedika. Vedika says you called police when I asked you not to. Vedika takes a container in her grasp when Priya prevents her from hitting Ram. Priya says how might you do this Vedika? Slam gets Vedika captured. Vedika says Slam let me come clean with you, Nandini is additionally involved. Smash says don’t welcome this on my mother.

Smash inquires as to whether they are alright. Nandini likewise acts. Priya requests that Nandini stop and says I won’t extra you both as well. Priya says this happened on account of Nandini as I found their phony property papers.

Slam says for what reason will she do this when I’m giving her all the property. Priya says this is a result of Nandini I moved away from you when I was in prison and presently today she attempted to hurt me, Nandini realized Vedika was placing chits in Pihu’s belt and she was the one to uncover her prison time to Pihu.

Slam gets close to home. Nandini says I know Priya you have gone through a great deal yet I need nothing terrible for you. Priya says stop it, the greatest truth is Nandini was rarely discouraged, she was lying about her sickness.

Priya says we chose to trust one another so I’m letting you know this so presently you tell me. Slam gets crippled and says I realize you feel like this for my mother and were frightened to communicate this before, I will be in vehicle with Pihu come soon. He leaves with Pihu.

Priya gets profound seeing Ram not ready to trust her. Here, Meera and Sara examine about how Smash can’t confide in Priya with regards to Nandini. Meera says Pihu will join Slam and Priya, that is her unbiased as a little girl, Smash can’t conflict with Nandini as he is staying away from his heart from getting broken however terrible individuals will continuously get uncovered.

Pihu expresses sorry to Slam in the interest of Priya as she discussed Nandini. Slam says like you, I additionally love Nandini. Pihu says so you both again battled today. Smash says I’m bit vexed yet we won’t separate sit back and relax.

Here, Priya is close to home and Nandini and Shubham insults her for continuously losing as their phony love is all the more impressive. Shubham says you need Slam and we need cash so we should settle it out. Here, Pihu demands Slam to head inside and bring Priya.

Smash concurs with trouble and they go. Inside, Nandini and Shubham are ridiculing Ram’s voice note and how he is so personal about them. Priya remains there supporting Ram and getting close to home.

Precap – Nandini says I love Slam’s cash. Slam hears this and separates. Nandini is stunned to see him.

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