Ajooni 3rd November 2022 Written Update:

Ajooni 3rd November 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Episode starts with Rajveer asks Master Maharaj that for what reason the last option said that he will kick the bucket on the off chance that he fulfilled his marriage with Ajooni. Master Maharaj lets him know that Ravinder said that the last option won’t be familiar with this never. He says that he is happy Rajveer got to know reality.

Rajveer inquires as to whether the last option’s figure is valid. Master Maharaj lets him know that Ajooni is fortunate for Baggas yet she is unfortunate for Rajveer. He says that Rajveer will deal with issues because of Ajooni.

Rajveer requests that he take care of the issue. Master Maharaj enlightens him regarding the arrangement he told to Ajooni. Rajveer lets him know that he is prepared to successfully keep Ajooni with him. He says that he simply needs Ajooni. He requests that he track down the arrangement. He says that he will get back later. He drops his telephone accidentally and leaves from that point.

Chamko incites Aman against Ajooni. She says that Ajooni attempting to intrigue Ravinder by making kheer for him. She says that Ajooni doing this to grab the house key from Aman. Aman tells her that she won’t extra Ajooni. She goes to kitchen. She reprimands Ajooni for not washing her room draperies.

Ajooni asks her that for what reason the last option acting like this. She tells her that she will wash the drapes. She says that Aman is great on the most fundamental level and Aman acting like this in view of misconception. She tells her that she did essentially nothing in her separation have any meaning.

Aman won’t trust her. She arranges her to take care of business. Ajooni requests that Chamko keep the kheer in the cooler and leaves from that point. Chamko lets Aman know that they can ruin the kheer. Aman lets her that know this kheer is made for Ravinder so they can do nothing. Chamko tells her one more arrangement to her.

Rajveer lets his companions know that Mangi Smash was correct. He says that he is feeling awful for Ajooni. He chooses to apologize to Ajooni. He understands that his telephone is absent. He goes to Master Maharaj’s place to get his telephone. Ravinder and Bebe hangs tight for kheer. Aman lets Ravinder know that she sent Ajooni to take care of business. She says that she made fish for them. Rajveer tracks down his telephone. He hears Master Maharaj conversing with somebody.

Ravinder and Bebe eats fish. Ajooni brings kheer. Aman says that they ate fish so they can’t eat kheer now. Ajooni says that today is Amavasya. Bebe chides Aman and slaps her. She lauds Ajooni and leaves from that point.

Ravinder reproves Aman. He contrasts her and canine. He says that he know why Aman made fish today. He rebuffs Aman and Chamko. Aman feels unsteady and tumbles down. Ajooni brings water for her. Aman tosses the glass. She tells her that the last option is liable for everything. She says that she likes to bite the dust than drinking water from Ajooni’s hand. Ravinder admonishes Aman for her way of behaving.

Precap – Rajveer lets Ajooni know that he will bite the dust on the off chance that it’s written in his destiny. Afterward, Ravinder saves Rajveer from few individuals. Rajveer takes a projectile on him to save Ravinder.

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