Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 18th November 2022 Written Update:

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 18th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Smash continue to ponder Wonderful and feels quiet at whatever point he feels her presence. He answers and returns to rest. He again gets glimmers of past.

Slam awakens alarmed and wonder what its identity is. Following day, Priya have a good time as she looks for her displays. Sara feels terrible for concealing about her wonderful show from Vikrant. Priya asks her not to feel awful. She finds her mom making loads of food as she picks nourishment for Slam as well.

Priya advises her that he remember nothing and her mom says that they can atleast give the things which he loves so it can assist him with reviewing his memory. Priya guarantees to take lunch for Slam and Pihu believes that she too should assist with smashing review his memory.

Slam reviews Exquisite and grins. Nandhini comes there and says that Vedhika is coming there subsequent to meeting Sashi. She requests that he help her emerge from her pressure. Vedhika likewise comes there simultaneously and hears Slam saying that he would rather not make utilize what is happening. He finds out if he failed to remember something significant as he continue to get streaks yet couldn’t comprehend.

Nandhini gets frightened when Slam says that he feels annoyed about something. Vedhika comes there and Smash welcomes her. He requests that she invest energy with Nandhini as she is upset and leaves. Nandhini says Vedhika that the day isn’t far when Priya’s adoration again prevails upon them. She says that they ought to stop before it works out and the main way for It to happen is to eliminate Slam’s ongoing dad and recruit somebody from their side.

Priya and slam knock in left and Priya volunrtarily picks battle with Smash. Smash is terrified to start a discussion with Priya. Pihu and krish are shopping blossoms for Slam when Vedhika comes there. She asks how might Priya send the roses to Slam and cautions them to not arranging against them.

Priya gives Smash’s timetable to him and finds him eating unhealthy food. She finds his timetable additionally stacked with food gatherings and derides him. Slam hears her and they can have a charming battle. Priya proposes to have the sound upma by her mom however Slam promptly turns down the proposal while Priya leaves upset. Vedhika request that Krish utilize what is happening to draw near to Priya so she will likewise avoid Slam.

She says that the two of them can get love. Krish requests that she not contrast his adoration and hers as she never cherished Slam while he needs Priya’s joy. Priya shows mentality to Shunham amazing Adi. Shubh comes in yet Smash finds Priya’s tiffin enticing and gets it from her. Vedhika comes there.

Precap : Slam will blow up seeing Sid in his lodge and Shubham will say that his dad let him in. Nandhini will call Exquisite pointless for the gig and will end her. Priya will say that she can’t end her as she was employed by Slam.

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