Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 17th November 2022 Written Update:

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2 17th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Smash getting blazes of Nandini chuckling. He requests that Tarun bring his caffeine stuff. Tarun goes. Priya messages him that he has done incline toward on her for paying for his one month dark tea. He answers to her. Priya comes infront of Vedika’s vehicle. She tells that he is feeling torment. Certain individuals assemble there and supports Priya.

Vedika emerges from vehicle and says sorry. She sees Priya and asks how could you do such a thing? Priya inquires as to whether they saw what she said. She says she will tell that I came infront of her vehicle. Vedika says OK and offers her cash. Priya gets her captured and reviews Pihu’s words. She thinks this is for my girl’s affront.

Slam takes the meeting of the young ladies and stops the meeting. Priya comes there. He asks she has pack to steal from individuals. She contends. He inquires as to whether she came for interview. Shubham comes there and requests that he do meeting with financial backers. Smash says when I get my own aide.

Priya says my experience says that one will thump prior to coming to MD’s lodge. Shubham asks do you have at least some idea whom he is conversing with? Slam says she is simply telling. Priya says here he isn’t your sibling, however chief. Slam lets Shubham know that she is correct. He tells that he has chosen her as his Dad. Priya requests that he take arrangement prior to coming . Shubham leaves.

Priya tells that she really wants this work. Slam thinks she is poor. He calls HR dept and requests that he prepare the papers. She sees bouquet and inquires as to whether he needs it day to day. Slam tells that he needed to give it to the young lady, yet she was not there. Priya thinks it is for Pihu. Slam requests that Exquisite take it. He says something is written in predetermination.

Vedika is in the PS, and lets Auditor know that Priya is catching. Priya comes there with Pihu and inquires as to whether you know me? Vedika says no, and says sorry. Later Priya gives bouquet to Pihu given by Smash. Pihu gets blissful. She tells her that she has turned into Slam’s Dad however will administer on him.

Priya tells Vedika that God generally upholds the upside. Vedika says this thing doesn’t end here. She says I realize that you met Smash. Priya says you are egotistical and never contemplated Slam. She says until he is fine, I won’t go infront of him. Vedika inquires as to whether she is crushed. Priya says OK, and thinks however not beautiful.

Nandini comes to be aware from Shubham that Slam has employed another person. She asks where could Vedika have been? Vedika comes there and tells that she was in the PS, as Priya got her captured. Nandini gets some information about Exquisite. Vedika says she came to realize that exquisite isn’t beautiful and don’t have dressing sense.

Nandini says beautiful. Vedika says Smash felt thoughtful towards her and recruited her, however I won’t let her visit for over 7 days. She says Slam himself will toss her, and afterward other Dad comes who works for us. She says this wonderful needs to go. Priya figures I won’t leave and tells that this time she will utilize all means and will make them alone.

She says she will dole out everybody’s retributions and requests that Nandini prepare to lose, and tells that she can’t prevent her from making up blissful family. She messages Smash that she will make everything fine.

Precap: Somebody comes to Slam’s office. Slam asks who called him here. Nandini requests that Priya keep in touch with her own renunciation letter.

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