Ajooni 17th November 2022 Written Update:

Ajooni 17th November 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Episode starts with Rajveer asks Shikha that what befell Harvinder and who killed his sibling. Shikha lets him know that she know nothing about it. He hauls her from that point. After some time, Ravinder compromises Shikha by showing weapon.

He tells her that he won’t keep quiet until he figures out the individual who killed Harvinder. Then again, Aman cries seeing her and Harvinder’s photograph. Ajooni consoles her. Chamko illuminates them that Rajveer brought Shikha. They goes to corridor.

Shikha lets Ravinder know that she sat idle. She says that she cherished Harvinder and even he needed to wed her. Ravinder requests that she tell that what occurred with Harvinder. Ajooni says that Shikha was with Harvinder before the mishap. Ravinder reproves her for meddling. Shikha says that Harvinder dropped her at her home and left for Bagga house that day.

Rajveer asks her that for what valid reason she was stowing away on the off chance that she sat idle. She says that she figured she will be killed too like Harvinder. Everybody gets stunned hearing her. Shikha says that Ajooni killed Harvinder. Ajooni says that Shikha is lying. Shikha says that she saw Ajooni undermining Harvinder to kill him. Rajveer requests that she quit lying.

Police reviewer comes there. Ravinder takes him to his room. Police reviewer shows lodging vehicle leaving pass to him which is singed. He says that he got a telephone in Harvinder’s mishap spot. He plays the recording which expresses that Ajooni is compromising Harvinder to kill him in the event that he hurt Rajveer. Ravinder takes the telephone from him.

Police reviewer says that Harvinder’s jeep brake has been bombed purposely. He adds that he don’t believe it’s a mishap. Ravinder gets some information about it to anybody in light of the fact that Rajveer’s political decision coming. Police auditor leaves from that point. Mangi Smash requests that Ravinder not rebuff Ajooni now or, more than likely Rajveer will in the middle between them. He says that they need strong confirmation against Ajooni.

Ravinder lets Rajveer know that it was anything but a mishap however murder. He illuminates him about jeep brake fizzle. He says that Shikha can’t leave until they figures out reality. He requests that Rajveer explore the case. Rajveer goes out. Ravinder says that he won’t extra Ajooni. He plays the recording of Ajooni. Shikha sneers.

Rajveer arrives at the lodging and inquires as to whether Harvinder came there by showing his photograph. Secretary lets him know that Harvinder accompanied another fellow and a woman. He gives the satchel which that woman neglected. Rajveer says that that is Ajooni’s satchel. Ravinder rebuffs Ajooni. He requests that she come clean. Ajooni lets him know that she sat idle. She argues him to open the entryway. She battles to relax.

Precap – Police examiner gives band to Ravinder saying that it was tracked down in the inn. Ravinder beat Rajveer up. Rajveer admits that he killed Harvinder.

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