Anupama 5th November 2022 Written Update:

Anupama 5th November 2022 Written Update on

Hasmuk says Vanraj give the consent subsequently they ought to anticipate Pakhi and Adhik’s wedding. Kavya requests that Anuj and Anupama gear up for the wedding. Hasmuk asks Anupama being a mother on the off chance that she has any arrangement for Pakhi’s wedding. Anupama says right now she just believes that Pakhi should disappear with all due regard from Shah house.

Vanraj leave the spot. Anuj sends Anupama to Vanraj. Anupama attempts to persuade Vanraj to help Pakhi as he can’t lash out with him from long. She requests that Vanraj be with Pakhi so she truly does less error. Vanraj says he was with Pakhi however she disregarded him before everybody.

Hasmuk says thanks to Anuj for taking care of Pakhi’s matter. Anuj says he can play out every one of the ceremonies yet he would rather not grab Vanraj’s right as a dad. Anupama chats with Vanraj and says youngsters’ have an effect of their environmental elements. She cited she flopped as a mother.

Anupama lament for not giving opportunity to Pakhi when she wanted her the most. She adds she was facing for her own conflicts as opposed to giving opportunity to Pakhi. Anupama consider herself and Vanraj’s liable for Pakhi’s extreme step. Vanraj inquires as to whether she is persuaded that Adhik won’t double-cross Pakhi. Anupama says nobody can take such assurance.

Pakhi wishes Vanraj concurs for her legitimate wedding. Adhik console Pakhi. Anupama attempts to persuade Vanraj to heartedly include himself in Pakhi’s wedding entirety. She inquires as to whether he will come for Pakhi’s wedding or not. Vanraj leave the spot. Anupama request that God give a mind to Vanraj.

Ankush gets some information about Shah’s response on the proposition. Anupama tells to Pakhi that Shahs concurred. Pakhi embraces
Anupama. She inquires as to whether Vanraj excuse her. Anuj requests that Pakhi keep tolerance.

Barkha stands dazed. She considers how Shahs can prepare for Pakhi and Adhik’s marriage. Ankush requests the date from the wedding. Anupama says Shahs will tell them. Jignesh asks Hasmuk and Leela for what valid reason they were absent.

Leela tells to Jignesh that they went to pandit to fix the date of the marriage. Kavya stresses how they will oversee everything in short notification. Samar and Paritosh asks Kavya not to stress. Leela says thanks to Anuj and Anupama for the wedding proposition. Anupama gets sad pondering Pakhi’s marriage.

Anuj console Anupama. He wish Vanraj and Barkha concurs for the wedding. Barkha figure Adhik can’t demolish her arrangement. She chooses to get her future. Samar and Paritosh gets sad pondering Pakhi’s goodbye.

Adhik helps Anu and Anupama to get their work done. Anuj and Pakhi love Anu, Anupama and Adhik.

Precap:Pakhi requests for exotic marriage. Anupama against Pakhi.

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