Anupama 30th June 2022 Written Update:

Anupama 30th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Anupama and Anuj declaring pretty much every one of the pleasant exercises they will direct in Kinjal’s child shower. They request that everybody partake in the service and enthusiastically begins the capability. Though, Adhik gives his group to Pakhi and demands her to put it on his outfit. she takes it from him and attempts to tie it on him.

He request that she draw nearer, while she grins and gets close to him to put the clump. He plays with her and afterward disappears, while Samar sees them and cautions Pakhi to watch out. She gets rankled by her sibling and overlooks him. In the mean time, Anupama alongside Rakhi, Barkha and different women prepares Kinjal for the child shower.

Here, every one of the women begins doing Kinjal’s cosmetics and makes her hair. They all gets thrilled to see her cheerful, while the last option likewise gets invigorated. The women moves around Kinjal “Vaari Jawa” melody plays. Pakhi declares about Kinjal’s appearance, while everybody gets ready. She comes to the setting, while everybody adulates her.

Kinjal was going to slip because of her saree however Anuj saves her and assists her with strolling. Anupama gets eased, though Paritosh gets apprehensive and searches for every one of the plans. Samar quiets his sibling and ask not to stress. He guarantees that all is great impeccably and guidance Paritosh to partake in the capability.

Somewhere else, Paritosh communicates his sentiments with Samar and laments not having the option to comprehend it prior. He shows his satisfaction of becoming a dad and tells that he can figure out Vanraj’s liabilities now. In the mean time, Anupama declares to begin the child shower ceremonies.

Vanraj and Kavya sits together while he gets every one of the photos of the child shower capability. He gets eager to see it, while around then Leela video calls him and shows every one of the courses of action. He gets glad to see Kinjal and Paritosh, however at that point becomes rankled seeing Anuj close to them. Around then Rakhi comes there and grabs the telephone from Leela.

Ahead, Rakhi impels Vanraj against Anuj and says that he is satisfying the obligations of a granddad. Vanraj gets enraged, while Leela stresses over his outrage. She attempts to stop Rakhi and ask her not to give misleading data to Vanraj. Though, Barkha partakes in the show. In the interim, Ankush prods Anuj on turning into a granddad.

Kinjal and Paritosh communicates their trouble as they misses Vanraj’s presence. While, Rakhi sees a receipt and gets incensed seeing the bill of cleaning the jewelleries. She defies Leela before everybody and abuses her for giving old jewelleries to Kinjal. Anupama stands firm for Leela and says it’s their legacy, while the last option says a few stunning words.

Further, Hasmukh shows his help towards Leela and request that Rakhi see her feelings behind it. He says it’s a method for communicating their adoration towards Kinjal, while Rakhi insults them for making everything close to home. Anupama handles what is going on and afterward Leela attaches the string to Kinjal to safeguard her kid. She likewise murmurs her desire into Kinjal’s ears. Rakhi goes to do the custom, however Leela stops her and request that Anupama do it before Rakhi, while the last option gets stunned.

Precap:- Barkha gives a few costly gifts to Kinjal on her child shower. The last option gets shocked seeing it, while Barkha boasts about her family status and insults Leela. Rakhi murmurs to the child requesting that it have a class like her, while Leela gets irate and prevents Rakhi from making the child like her. The two of them gets into a contention and starts censuring one another. Anupama yells at them and derides them to proceed with their battle. She announces to stop the custom till their contention moves past.

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