Anupama 29th June 2022 Written Update:

Anupama 29th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pakhi conversing with Adhik and questions him that assuming he will go to the child shower capability or not? He inquire as to whether she believes that him should go to it? To which she answers that it will be entertaining. She attempts to conceal her fervor to see him in the capability, while he get some information about her outfit. She answers about the variety she will wear, while he praises her which makes Pakhi become flushed. She closes the call with him, though Leela faces her and inquiries concerning the guest. Pakhi comes up with certain reasons and disappears from that point. Though, Anupama appeals to God for the child shower capability and decides to pleasantly deal with it.

Here, Rakhi goes into inside the Shah house and gets invited by Anupama. The last option makes her wear blossoms, while Rakhi insults about it being modest yet Anupama handles it with her answer. Leela comes there and stands firm for Anupama, which dazes the last option as well as fulfills her.

Rakhi purposefully discusses Vanraj and insults that he will not have the option to go to the capability. Leela gets incensed and request that Rakhi focus on her girl’s child shower. Anupama gets apprehensive to deal with Rakhi, Leela and Barkha together. Hasmukh stands up to her and guarantees that all will be well. He urges her to unwind and partake in the occasion.

Somewhere else, Rakhi announces that she would have done the child shower excellently and brings a few gifts for the capability. Samar and Jignesh discusses the show Rakhi will make, though Jignesh praises Rakhi and makes her compliment. He says that she won’t seem to be a grandma, while she becomes cheerful and answers that she don’t even seems to be a mother.

Jignesh mumbles that individuals likes counterfeit commendations, while Rakhi hears it and gets enraged at him. In the mean time, Kapadias likewise comes to Shah house and gets invited by Leela. Anupama gets blissful seeing Leela’s signal, while the last option unexpectedly insults Barkha. Anupama gets pushed however Barkha answers back pleasantly.

Ahead, Anuj carries Ankush alongside others inside the house enthusiastically. Pakhi gets eager to see Adhik, while Barkha ridicules them for having a little house. Leela gives a befitting answer to her and states that they don’t need to call each other on telephone and broadcasts it to be a value of having a comfortable house.

Rakhi meets Barkha and grins feeling that disturbing the Shahs will be enjoyable. She trusts that the show will start. While, Anupama makes an honest effort to impeccably deal with everything. Anuj declares about the great exercises they will have during the child shower and expresses that it’s an important day for Kinjal and Paritosh.

Further, Anupama gives clusters to everybody and request that they wear it, as it will show their connection with the child. Rakhi inquire as to whether Anuj will wear granddad’s clump? To which he answers that the spot has a place with Vanraj and he won’t take it. He announces that be have his own relationship with the child and Anupama makes him wear his group. Though, Adhik alongside Barkha gripes about their relationship with the child, while Leela insults her.

Precap:- Anupama moves alongside different women to observe Kinjal’s child shower. They causes the last option to sit alongside Paritosh and begins the ceremonies. While, Rakhi video considers Vanraj and shows him that Anuj is doing every one of the obligations of a granddad. She induces him, while he gets incensed. Though, Leela sees it and becomes strained.

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