Anupama 2nd November 2022 Written Update:

Anupama 2nd November 2022 Written Update on

Anupama alongside Anuj, Adhik and Barkah arrive at Kapadia chateau. Barkha stands irate at the entryway. She breaks the stuff. Pakhi takes cover behind Anupama. Barkha hollers at Adhik. Anuj send Anu to her room. Adhik and Pakhi ask how they dare visit Kapadia house. Anuj asks Barkha not to cause situation outside. Barkha vents out at Adhik for subtly wedding Pakhi.

Ankush attempts to quiet Barkha. Barkha says that Adhik and Pakhi’s marriage won’t work for a really long time. Pakhi cries. Barkha tells Pakhi that her life will be hopeless at Kapadia house. Anupama cautions Barkha. Barkha says none can prevent her from citing the reality. She adds raised Adhik and knows her well. Barkha guarantee that Adhik don’t cherish Pakhi and has hitched her with a secret plan. Adhik yells at Barkha.

Barkha tells Pakhi that she has raised Adhik and in the event that he can double-cross his sister than he can sell out her as well. She yells at Pakhi and Adhik. Barkha requests that Pakhi and Adhik leave the spot. Anuj and Anupama unveil that they have assumed the liability of Pakhi and Adhik. Anupama says they are similarly angry with Adhik and Pakhi yet they can’t leave them on street. Barkha leaves the spot. Anuj invite Adhik and Pakhi to the house.

Anupama is astounded about inviting Adhik and Pakhi. Adhik and Pakhi take the gift from Ankush, Anuj and Anupama. Barkha will not give gift to Adhik and Pakhi. She alert Pakhi and says Adhik will break her trust. Barkha again says their marriage won’t work over a half year. Anuj requests that Adhik take Pakhi to his room. He adds Barkha tested them and presently they need to discredit her. Anuj requests that Adhik and Pakhi win the family trust.

Anupama petition God for Pakhi and Adhik’s cheerful wedded life. She favors the two of them. Barkha cries in her room. She laments adoring Adhik more than Sara. Barkha feels double-crossed. Anupama guidance Pakhi and Adhik to not let down Anuj as he assumed their liability. She addresses Pakhi and Adhik on marriage.

Anupama tells to Pakhi and Adhik that in marriage one needs to deal with issues. She requests that they cross the obstacles with trustworthiness. Pakhi and Adhik guarantee Anupama that they won’t let them down. Anupama says Anuj assumed the liability of Adhik and Pakhi. She adds now Anuj will deal with Pakhi and Adhik. Anupama cries contemplating Adhik and Pakhi.

Precap; Anupama stresses assuming that Pakhi’s wedding will fall flat. Barkha tells to Ankush that Adhik will utilize and toss Pakhi.

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