Anupama 29th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Anupama 29th September 2021 Vanraj taunts Anu to click photos of holding coconut and wandering on beach. Anu says thank you and walks away with Anuj. Kavya gets angry and asks Vanraj if he came here as he knew Anu is here, his acts will not affect Anu, but they will be out of market and Anuj will not let them get a job anywhere.

Vanraj says he doesn’t care. She says he used to ignore Anu for her and now ignoring her for Anu, he is jealous all the time and making her suffer. Anuja sees Anu angry and asks if she is fine. She says sorry for hearing because of her, why can’t Vannraj let her alone and not bother her. He asks again if she is fine. She says she is hungry.

He takes her to a restaurant where Anu informs Bapuji over phone about Kavya and Vanraj’s Mumbai visit. Kavya brings Vanraj there and goes to washroom. Anuj starts coughing while having food. Anu pats his back. Vanraj gets jealous noticing that. Anuj’s friend takes him away to meet a client. Vanraj walks to Anu and taunts she lost her shame out of Ahmedabad, her college spark has become full fledge flame and she is ruining his family name. Anu asks him to continue.

He says she made a big issue when his and Kavya’s affair was out, now she is shamingly romancing her college boyfriend. She asks why is he bothered, its none of his business.

Nandini panics seeing Rohan’s mask wearing men around her house and runs into Shah house and closes door. Baa asks what happened. Nandini nervously lies that someone tried to snatch her mobile. Baa scolds why she roams outside alone, what if something happens to her. Kinjal notices her fear.

Anu asks Vanraj what is her place in his life that he is bothered, he is nothing to her and he doesn’t have any right on her. He says he left his right and she left her decency. She asks why is he bothering a stranger woman if he is bothered about decency; she tolerated his second wife and he is still bothering her; she wants to clear that she doesn’t care what was in Anuj’s heart for her, she doesn’t have anything for Anuj in her heart and why is he bothered even if it is; they become friends after divorce, when she can be his friend, why can’t be someone’s friend;

how does it matter even if her and Anuj are more than friends. Vanraj shouts he feels jealous and angry on himself and her; she wasn’t like he wanted, but was perfect for him; they were not compatible but were bonding well, they never fought in 25 years; he loves Kavya, but they fight every day; he couldn’t connect with Kavya like he connected with Anu, he is unable to disconnect with Anu completely and connect with Kavya yet; he hasn’t moved on,

Anupama 28th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

but Anu has the way it didn’t bother her seeing him and Kavya; she easily moved on with Anuj, but he couldn’t bond well with Kavya even after their 9-year-old affair. She says he told he and Kavya got closer because of him and now is saying they are not bonding because of her; they didn’t have fight as she used to keep quiet always, she handled both relationships alone as she didn’t expect anything from him and he was bothered only about himself and not her; now he has Kavya in his life and is not a doormat like her, he should drop off his super ego and understand that he is responsible for whatever happened in his life; he should remember that he was only his when she was his wife, now she herself and nothing else.

Anuj returns and gets angry seeing Vanraj. Kavya also returns. Vanraj takes next table. Anu apologizes Anuj and says this day was good and evening is bad and hopes her whole day was exciting and happy like morning, her own nazar/bad eye fell on her, she stole 1 day for herself and its ending. Anuj prays god for Anu’s happiness. A few youngster mix vodka in juice. Waiter takes glasses by mistake and serves them to Anuj and Vanraj. Kavya tells Vanraj they should go before he creates more drama.

They gulp it in 1 go and think juice is a bit bitter. They head to washroom and face each other. Kavya and Anu wait for them and hope there is no new drama. Anuj and Vanraj come out fighting.

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