Anupama 28th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update:

Anupama 28th September 2021 Anupama wakes up and finds AK’s blazer over her. AK says she was feeling cold and flight’s blankets are usually rough, so he draped his jacket over her. She thanks him and says she shouldn’t have slept and wasted 10 minutes of looking outside window. He says she can say she slept between clouds. She shows her drawing and asks how is it. He says perfect.

Air hostess announces landing. AK feels afraid again and asks Anu to look via window as he doesn’t want to feel embarrassed. At Shah house, Baa asks maide ki katori Kavya to clean methi leaves. Kavya says she applied nail polish just now. Baa fumes that she has to bring methi and clean it herself, people will enjoy their trip. Anu feels enthralled when plane lands. They reach a hotel. Anu speaks to Pakhi and gives her some instructions. AK says he know she wanted to see ocean, but he cannot delay this meeting.

She says even she doesn’t want to, she has dreams, but helping women is also her dream; beautiful dreams make wait for long. He says yes. His team walks in and greets them. AK introduces Anu as his Ahmedabad business partner with unique business idea and asks Anu to explain it. Anu confidently explains her idea. AK says it was perfect. Anu messages Bapuji that her idea was liked by everyone.

Mamaji looking methi munches it. Baa says only he can munch methi. He jokes. Landline rings. Baa picks it and speaks to her friend. Mamaji notices envelope in bag, opens it, and looks shocked seeing Rohan and Nandini’s cozy pictures. He thinks who they are. Kavya acts shocked after getting a call and tells Vanraj they need to leave for Mumbai. Anu waits for AK after meeting. AK brings auto and takes her to beach.

Anu looks at waves silently for sometime and then shouts samandar. She then calls Bapuji and express her excitement seeing ocean. She asks AK to join her. He says she should go as its her time, takes her bag and asks her to enjoy. Anu runs on waves. AK chants a shayari describing Anu’s enjoyment. He gets a call and goes aside.

Vanraj with Kavya reaches Mumbai and consoles her that everything will be fine. A few goons at knife point threaten Anu to part ways with her gold. AK seeing that runs towards them. Anu throws mud in their eyes and beats them. They run away. AK stands laughing and says he thought Anu needs help, but goons needed help;

Anu doens’t need anyone’s help and she is both hero and heroine in her story. He claps and salutes her, making her feeling proud. Hame Tumse Hua Hai Pyar.. song plays in the background. He imagines walking on beach and sharing candy floss with her. He then says he is feeling hungry, so let us go and have something. She asks her bag. He realizes dropping it down and runs to get it.

Anupama 27th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update

They both then bump into Vanraj and Kavya and stand shocked. Vanraj taunts that he thought they came here for work, but the are walking on beach here. Anu says forget about us, what are they doing here. Kavya says her ex-boss wanted to meet them to discuss business opportunities before leaving to Australia. Vanraj says they finished work and came here and found them here, what a coincidence’ thinks he heard via Baa that she is at beach and came here.

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