Ajooni 2nd December 2022 Written Update:

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Shikha tells Ravindra that I love Harvindar and needs to wed him that is the reason I did this. She cries so Ravindra says you are a pleasant young lady so I can’t see you crying. Ajooni is befuddled.

Ravindra snatches her and says you do great acting of fake tears, he yells at her to leave. Shikha says you will come to me, you will make me this house’s little girl in-regulation soon. She leaves with her loved ones. Ravindra tells Ajooni that I will not pardon you, Bebe is in this condition as a result of you. Rajveer says Bebe is absolutely fine, nothing happened to her. He requests that Harman come clean.

The flashback shows how Rajver heard Bebe saying she claimed to be sick. Harman tells Ravindra that Bebe claimed to be sick to be out of prison yet I didn’t have the foggiest idea about that. Ajooni tells Ravindra that I did nothing off-base, I’m still against remorselessness in this house. I need to stop this discipline against ladies in the house. Ravindra says you can’t change our principles and history. Ajooni says we will see. She leaves from that point.

Ajooni reviews Ravindra’s words that she can’t meaningfully impact their methodologies. She tracks down blood on her photograph on the wall and is stunned. Rajveer comes to Ajooni. She sees his hand blo*dy and harmed. She gets stressed and hurries to him. She says for what reason did you rebuff yourself. She brings a few medication and tidies up his injury.

Rajveer affectionately checks her out. He says I did a slip-up for not truting you. Ajooni says it’s alright, you were stressed over Bebe. Rajveer says you can rebuff me on the off chance that you need. Ajooni giggles and says I need to end this custom, I excuse you. She says I love you however much you love me.

You generally say that you can do anything for me however I need to say that anything for you Rajveer. Rajveer grins at her, they embrace each other firmly. He kisses her temple. Ajooni grins and embraces him back.

Shikha’s dad says for what reason did you do this? you obliterated our arrangement. Shikha says Harvindar will get his memory and he will acknowledge this child. Simply see what I do now.

In the first part of the day, Aman cries and tells Harvindar that I am your better half. He says I need to go. Aman cries and calls everybody there. Ravindra asks what was the deal? Aman says he is going out. Harvindar says I don’t realize you individuals, I will leave.

Bebe says you will get your memory back soon. Rajveer sees the crystal fixture above him slackening. Harvindar says this lady continues to say she is my better half. Ravindra requests that he quiet down, you will get your memory soon. Harvindar says I need to go. Harman says where will you go?

Harvindar says anyplace however not here. The crystal fixture tumbles down however Rajveer pushes Harvindar far removed. Harvindar tumbles down and hits his head. Harman gives him water. Ravindra asks how could it tumble down? Mangi says seems like somebody tempered with it. Harvindar takes a gander at the family and remembers them.

Harman says you remember everything now? Ravindra requests that Harvindar let them know what happened that evening? Harvindar says somebody went after me in the retreat, I can’t recall what its identity was. Bebe says leave it, he got his memory back and stop.

PRECAP – Ajooni comes to Harvindar and says it was all your arrangement? He says OK and Shikha was essential for this arrangement. Later on, Ajooni tells Rajveer and says we have no evidence against them. Rajveer says there is.

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