Ajooni 1st December 2022 Written Update:

Ajooni 1st December 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Karuna accepts out the call records and shows it to Ajooni. She says we had 3 calls that day so we need to figure out who was the guilty party from these. Ajooni calls every one of the three numbers and is stunned. She expresses gratitude toward Karuna.

Bebe is eating, Harman says you shouldn’t eat hot food. Bebe says I’m thoroughly fine, I was simply doing show to leave the police headquarters. Harman is dazed. Bebe says I could do without to lie yet I needed to.

Harman says now Rajveer is against Ajooni, she will be tossed out of the house soon. Rajveer comes there so Bebe behaves like she is in torment. Rajveer asks how is she? Bebe says I’m improving, he leaves.

Aman comes to Harvindar and requests that he eat something. He says I don’t require it. Shikha comes there with other food and says I brought some food from café. Aman says it’s not really great for him. She requests that Harvindar not pay attention to her, I’m your better half.

Shikha says he cherishes me. The two of them battle so Harvindar yells at them to let him be, he discards the food. Ravindra comes there and requests that he leave. He leaves.

Ravindra reproves Aman and Shikha, he is sick yet you are tormenting him more. He leaves. Shikha tells Aman that I am pregnant with his child so you will be tossed out of the house soon. Aman leaves from that point. Shikha grins.

Ravindra sits with Harvindar and inquires as to whether he is alright? He gestures. Shikha’s folks come there. Her dad says we came to see Bebe. Ravindra says you brought the blossoms like she passed on. You both are fakes so quit doing this show.

Mangi says they should be planning some mischief. Shikha’s dad says we are glad that you acknowledged our girl. Ravindra expresses out loud whatever? Harman says Shikha assisted us more than our little girl parents in law, I with thinking we ought to get her hitched to Harvindar. Ajooni comes there with Karuna.

Ravindra gets out whatever is continuing at this point? Rajveer comes there as well. Ravindra lets Karuna know that we are not tormenting any ladies here so what are you doing here? Ajooni says somebody called Karuna and the media that day here however I was not the one, somebody called out to utilizing me. She shows the rundown of calls that day.

Ajooni says I called the 3 numbers out of which 2 numbers are from the bank. The third individual is from this family. Rajveer calls the number and it begins ringing. All are stunned to see its Shikha’s dad’s number. Ravindra gets him and says I won’t extra you. Karuna says don’t do brutality.

Ravindra yells at her to get lost, its their matter. She leaves. Ravindra says I won’t extra you now. He takes a tracker and starts beating Shikha’s dad however she remains before him and says don’t hit him. I called Karuna and the media that day since I maintained that Ajooni should be tossed out of here. She caused me to lose Harvindar and attempted to hurt my child that is the reason I needed to toss her out of my home. All look on.

PRECAP – Ajooni cleans Rajveer’s injury and says I love you however much you love me. You generally express anything for me so I need to express anything for you too Rajveer. Rajveer grins and embraces her firmly.

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