Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 2nd November 2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with Dadaji asking Amrita to forgive Pritam. Amrita says that she forgave him, so that she’s talking with him. Angad asks Pritam to take his luggage his back. Pritam gives to Dadaji two months rent advance. Guneet says that they don’t want money, they have to return the money he paid in the hospital. Pritam agrees and asks to keep thinking as advance and requests him to leave. Soni says that he can’t go and requests him to not leave. Baljeet says to let Pritam leave, he will get new tenant. Biji shuts his mouth. Kuljeet asks Pritam to go inside. Nimmo says that they don’t have any complain about him.

Pritam says that they have big heart, but he can’t forget what he did with a pregnant woman. He can’t forgive himself and requests to let him go. He gives the to Guneet and says that he left few things in the room which will be taken by Nithin. Amrita asks Pritam why he’s very stubborn. She says that Pritam shouted at her for a woman and misbehaved with Biji then lifted her up in an intoxicated state, anything could have happened with her, but only good happened. They haven’t questioned Pritam about his behavior, but he’s doing drama. Pritam denies it.

Amrita says that if he was ashamed, he would have to come to her and Biji to apologize as Pritam was at fault. She clarifies why she followed him. He knows where and in which state she saw him. She obviously got doubt on him as she has family and she cares for them. She says that the other day she didn’t follow him, but spotted him standing on road holding kids toy and was worried. Amrita asks Pritam to leave if he wants and thanks him folding her hand.

Pritam says that he’s leaving and asks to forgive him. Amrita says that Pritam isn’t a gentleman otherwise he would have seen her baby once, she was right that he’s a goon. Pritam goes to Amrita and says that the baby’s life got at risk because of him and he’s more ashamed and pained because of this. He’s running away from the baby.

Amrita says that she and her baby are fine and she’s thankful to him for that. Pritam asks if he can the baby one time. Amrita brings the baby and shows it to Pritam. Pritam gets emotional on seeing the baby. Jeene liye socha hi nahi plays in the BG. Pritam blesses the baby and says that the baby looks like her husband. He congratulates Amrita and Karan too. He gets ready to leave the baby cries. Pritam asks Amrita if he can lifts the baby in his arms once. Amrita gives him the baby to Pritam.

Pritam apologizes to the baby and recalls playing with his son. Kabir says that even the baby asks him to not leave and asks to stay back. Pritam says that he’s not leaving. They all get happy. Angad thanks Pritam for agreeing. Amrita asks Pritam to return the baby and takes his luggage back to his room. Pritam asks if there will always scold him like this. Whole family say yes and laugh.

Guneet and Nimmo come to Angad and give him 50k asking to return it to Pritam the money he paid in the hospital. Angad says that Pritam gives 35k more, he only got medicine. Nimmo gives her bangles and asks to sell it to pay back Pritam.

Angad says that she doesn’t need to sell the bangle, he will get money from his office. Kuljeet comes there and gives the remaining money and asks to give it to Pritam. He returns the bangles to Nimmo. Nimmo and Guneet refuse to take his money. Kuljeet try to convince them. Dadaji arrives there and asks them to accept Kuljeet’s money. Kuljeet says that Pritam is stranger, but not him. Dadaji says that even Pritam isn’t a stranger, only relation can do what Pritam did for Amrita. Kuljeet agrees with him. Dadaji jokes and they all laugh.

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 1st November 2021 Written Update:

Angad returns the money to Pritam and asks to accept the money as it’s Guneet’s order. Kabir arrives there and says to Pritam that if he doesn’t want money then give an alcohol party to them outside the house. Pritam agrees. Amrita shows the baby Karen’s photo and says that it’s his dad and he loved him very much. She asks the baby to say hello to his dad. She says that he will teach her how Karan used to talk. She asks Karan to speak to the baby as well.

Amrita hears Kabir’s voice. She catches Kabir and Pritam sneaking out and asks where they’re going. After lot of questions, Kabir says that Pritam is giving party. Pritam says that it was Kabir’s idea and Angad is also coming with them. He won’t leave if she doesn’t want. Amrita says to them to go and enjoy as the celebration is for her son. Amrita asks Kabir to not drink so much that he gets unconscious. Pritam apologizes to Amrita again. Amrita says that she forgot that incident, but asks Pritam to remember it so that he can have control over him

Precap: Pritam, Kabir and Angad are in a place. Rathi’s man is also there with a gun. Soni and Amrita sees Pritam emotional talk about the baby through Kabir’s video.

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