Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 27th December 2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Angad and Kabir saying we will take Amrita some place and brighten her up. Amrita cries and converses with Karan. Dada ji and Dadi come and request that Amrita see Ansh, he looks exquisite as Santa. They ask her not to stress for Nimmo. Angad and Kabir come.

They request that Amrita prepare, they will go out and have frozen yogurt. Amrita says I don’t need. Kabir says you need to come. Dadi requests that she go, they will see Ansh. Angad says Pritam is likewise coming. Amrita says take him. Angad says come. Kabir says come for an evil man’s satisfaction. He does a dramatization. She concurs.

Meera sees Kabir and her pics. She hears his sound message and grins. Divya comes and embraces her. She says Papa was extremely miserable, he was crying, he is broken seeing Naveen’s state. Meera says I know. Divya says Sakhujas has no cash, however bliss, we have cash, yet no satisfaction, your connection with Angad was a gift, everything is over at this point. Meera says I won’t allow father to separate ever, he gave significance to cash, yet for the good of we, I attempted to converse with Angad, yet he despises me.

She says Kabir consistently upheld me. Divya asks did you begin loving somebody. Kabir says we needed to get frozen yogurt home and eat it. Amrita says there was a lot of group. Pritam says she is correct. Angad requests that they wear christmas pics. Amrita says Pritam looks a hooligan, regardless of whether he wears a police uniform. She snickers.

Pritam says you are additionally looking an adorable hooligan, you generally battle. Kabir says Amrita wasn’t concurring for frozen yogurt, she concurred for sick Pritam. She says no, I concurred for you. Angad says OK, we are having a good time now. Kabir and Angad go to get more frozen yogurt. Pritam says Angad said Ansh had additionally worn Santa garments. She says OK. She shows the pics and giggles. He says Ansh looks beautiful.

She inquires as to for what reason were you seeing me like this. He says no, I was seeing pics. She says no, you were seeing me. He says OK, I was seeing you, you had sparkle in your eyes, you were tragic previously, you look inconsiderate, remain cheerful, great occurs with great individuals, don’t take strain. She inquires as to for what reason do you meddle in my family matter. He says no, eyes are not steadfast, remain cheerful, you merit all the joy. Angad and Kabir come.

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 23rd December 2021 Written Update:

Angad says OK, you said right, Amrita merits each joy so we need her to continue on. They request that Amrita remarry. She gets stunned. Umed admonishes his men. He says Sandy is with our foes, we will not get him, Pritam is in his home, Sandy is elsewhere. DK asks what does Pritam need from us. Umed slaps DK and says I told you, he is a secret cop, he needs to contact me, he doesn’t realize that I m UD. The man says I will get him killed. Umed says no, first get the journal and afterward kill him, I will see him now, I need to meet Amrita to arrive at Pritam.

Angad says we as a whole cherished Karan, your connection was since 6 years, our connection was of adolescence, we acknowledged that he left us. Kabir says OK, we can’t quit living. Angad asks won’t I wed or get glad on an advancement, I will grin when life brings me joy, yet I will miss Karan. Kabir requests that she think. Amrita says I don’t need anybody in my life, Karan is with me, is it vital that a lady can’t remain cheerful without a man.

Pritam says no, yet even stale water gets ruined, its about your whole life, sorry, daily routine is to experience, you’re in good company, your folks are there, they need you to remain glad, you are truly great, recollections give one grin and many tears, this is reality, individual lives in present. She says stop it, I will carry on with my life as I need, I m resting now. She goes. Kabir says she isn’t concurring. Pritam says its a devil choice, give her time, she will comprehend.

Precap :Pritam says nobody can prevent me from arriving at UD. Umed meets him. DK comes to take the journal. Pritam battles him. DK harms his arm. Amrita comes and gets stunned.

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