Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update :–

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th September 2021  Episode starts with Manish asking Kartik to come for labour. Kartik kisses Sirat and Kairav. He asks Kairav to take care of Sirat, coming baby and Akshu. Kairav says sure and goes. Kartik sees Sirat and says I will go, take care. He gives her a flying kiss and leaves.

She hears a police toy sound and gets worried. Kartik is busy in the meeting. He doesn’t get network. He thinks to go out and call. Dadi says I m going to the temple, touch the chadava once. Sirat touches the plate and says Gayu told me that you kept puja for the coming baby. Dadi asks shall I leave Suwarna and Gayu home.

Sirat says no need, you aren’t going too far. Kairav says I will take care of her. Dadi says Kairav is like Kartik, we will take Akshu along, if you feel anxious, then call us, we will come back. Sirat asks them to leave Akshu home. They go. Sirat and Kairav play songs and dance. Sirat feels pain. She sits and calls him out. He asks what happened.

She says get my phone fast. He gives the phone. She calls Kartik. She says there is no network. Kairav says he will get our missed call alerts, I will call Dadi. Dadi and everyone are at the temple. Dadi says everyone keep the phones in the bag, last time, someone snatched it from us. Surekha keeps the phones.

Kairav says they aren’t answering. Sirat says Dr. Vibha isn’t in the town, she gave Dr. Seema’s number. She calls Dr. Seema and says I m feeling labor, I feel baby is coming. Doctor asks her not to worry and come to the hospital. Sirat says I can’t come, you come home and check, just kids and I are here. Doctor says I can come, but we have facilities at hospital. Sirat says fine, we have to go to hospital.

Kairav asks how will we go, Kartik is not here, driver uncle is also not here, will anything happen to my sister. She says no. He says why did this happen when no one is here. She says you are a good boy, we have to keep courage, think what to do. He says I have to help you, tell me what can I do. She asks him to get the pink bag. Kairav gets the bag and reports. She says bag will be heavy, get it. He says no.

She asks where is Akshu. They take Akshu. She says there is no auto and taxi. He says I will go to hire. He prays. He says our house car has come. Driver comes and asks what happened. Sirat asks where is Dadi and everyone. He says they are at the temple, they sent me to office, they will need much time.

Sirat says take us to the hospital fast. Akshu cries. Sirat says we forgot the milk bottle, take the car back. Kairav says no, I will feed her the biscuits. She says sorry Akshu, I will feed you something once we reach the hospital. Kairav consoles Akshu. Sirat says Akshu understands my pain. She asks Kairav to try calling Kartik.

Kartik, Manish and Akhilesh are busy. Sirat cries. Kairav asks her to breathe in and breathe out. The car tyre gets punctured. He says there is no stepney. Sirat says we will go by walk. He says no, I will arrange something. Kairav sings a poem and diverts Sirat’s mind. She says I feel dizzy. Everyone claps for Kartik. Kartik thinks there is no network in phone, I will go and call Sirat. Client stops Kartik and talks to him.

Kairav asks Sirat to drink juice. He says I will go and see driver uncle. She says no. Driver gets a lift and asks Sirat to go in that car. Kairav and Sirat come to the hospital. A lady helps her and takes Akshu. Nurse asks Sirat to wait for 5mins. Sirat says I can’t wait. Kairav says don’t worry, baby will be fine.

Doctor checks Sirat. Sirat asks is my baby fine. Doctor says don’t worry, delivery happens premature in seven months, we need your husband’s sign, we may try for a normal delivery, but caesarean may be performed too.

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