Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with Goenkas learning that Mukesh has changed Sirat medicine. Suhasini feels guilty saying she accused Surekha for no reason. Swarna feel bad too for accusing Surekha. Kartik come and Sirat asks him what decision federation has taken. Kartik inform Sirat that Mukesh can be sent to the jail. He add still she can’t play as her blood traces has drug. Kartik says her blood sample will be taken again. Sirat says first they need to apologize to Surekha. Goenkas get ready to apologize to Surekha.

Ahead, Suhasini bless Sirat and Swarna. Sirat and Swarna keeps Karwachauth fast. They miss Surekha. Gayu says they are trying to apologize to Surekha but she is not listening to anymore. Sirat asks Akhilesh to visit Surekha on the occasion of Karwachauth. Akhilesh says Surekha will not listen to him too. Sirat suggest Swarna to visit Surekha as latter is close to her. Swarna says she can’t face Surekha post what all happened.

Later, Kartik inform Sirat that her match is going to happen today. Suhasini and Swarna says Sirat is fasting. Kartik asks Sirat to keep the match priority and drink water. Sirat refuse to break her fast. Kartik says she can’t fight empty stomach. Sirat says strength comes from strong will and not by eating. She asks Kartik to have sweet. Swarna inform Kartik is fasting too. Sirat gets smitten.

Sirat match begins. Kartik asks Sirat to win the match. He asks Sirat to put all her strength to win the match. Sirat think it would have been good if Surekha would have come to support her. Kartik asks Sirat to focus on match and everything will get into its place sooner or later.

Announcement about Sirat’s match happen. Arwind asks Sirat to focus on the match as they have to win. Sirat enters the ring and play well. Swarna think about her behaviour towards Surekha. She meet Surekha and latter refuse to talk to Swarna.

Swarna apologize to Surekha about her behaviour towards her. Surekha says she forgot her because of Sirat. Swaran accept her mistake. She add Sirat’s eye is looking for her. Swarna asks Surekha not to punish Sirat because of her. Surekha stands mum.

Other side, Sirat faint. Kartik tries to encourage Sirat to fight back. Surekha come and cheers for Sirat. She asks Sirat if she wants her to return back home than she should fight back. Sirat stand up to fight back. Kartik insists Sirat to drink the water. Sirat refuse to drink water and courage to fight back without breaking her fast.


Kairav and Vansh inform Goenkas that moon has appeared. They take Aarohi and Akshu with them. Someone exchanged Arohi with another infant. Kartik and Sirat stand stunned.

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