Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 17th June 2022 Written Update:

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 17th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Dia and Armaan attempting to persuade Sudha and enlightens her concerning their defenselessness. Armaan demands Sudha to figure out their point of view, while she gets irate at him for not agreeing with her stance. She denounces him for getting changed after his marriage and says that he can see Dia’s aggravation. She reprimands him for taking represent his better half and doesn’t esteeming the sensations of his mom. Though, Armaan gets stunned and attempts to clearifies himself. He says that Sudha implies a ton in his life, however pronounces that he track down her wrong right now.

Here, Armaan reminds Sudha that the matter is about Brij’s life and demise. He demands Sudha to leave her hardheadedness and let Dia go to the clinic for the medical procedure. Sudha rigorously denies and says that she needs to turn into a grandma and can’t face challenge with Dia’s condition. She arranges that she won’t allow to Dia for giving her bone marrow to Brij.

Dia cries and holds hands before Sudha, she demands the last option to allow her to go to save her dad’s life. She says that she can’t break their expectation and demands to Sudha, yet the last option remains firm in her choice. In the mean time, Saloni grins seeing the situation and partakes in the show.

Somewhere else, Madhu goes up against Dia and insults her for not thinking often about Sudha. She faults Dia that the katter just thinks often about her folks and family and her parents in law esteems nothing for her. Dia denies every one of the claims and says that she regard and love Sudha very much like her parents.Madhu insults Dia and reprimands her for not consenting to Sudha’s condition. She shows compassion towards Sudha and says that Dia is certainly not a decent girl in-regulation for their home. Though, Armaan stands firm for Dia and request that she go tk the clinic. He advises her that the time is less, yet she doesn’t consent to go without persuading Sudha.

Ahead, Krisha likewise demands Sudha to allow Dia to go to the clinic, while Madhu reprimands him and request to have some disgrace. Dia cries and let Sudha know that she have full confidence in God and states that on the off chance that she couldn’t ready to bring forth a kid, then, at that point, they can clearly take on one. She attempts to give desire to Sudha, however the last option gets disappointed and denies to acknowledge the embraced youngster.

Palki and Anju concedes Brij to the clinic and finds out about Dia being the contributor. Brij requests to meet his contributor and converses with the specialist about it, while Anju imagines that on the off chance that he will see Dia, he will not permit her to be his giver. She concocts a few reasons to redirect his brain, while he puts on something else into the patient’s uniform and requests to see Dia prior to going for the medical procedure.

Further, Anju persuades Brij to go the activity theater and guarantees to make Dia see him. Though, the specialist takes him inside, while Dia and Armaan hurries to the medical clinic, as Sudha goes inside her room. That’s what she pronounces in the event that Dia disappears from the house, she won’t allow her to enter subsequently. In the mean time, Bhavna packs Dia’s stuffs to toss her out of the house.

Precap:- Doctor takes Dia and Brij inside the activity theater. They begins carrying out the procedure, while Armaan gets stressed. Anju continues to appeal to God for themselves and becomes strained pondering the entanglements. While, Brij flinches in lain during the activity. The specialist gets stressed for Dia as her condition gets basic while carrying out the system and request that the staff increment the oxygen level.

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