Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th March 2022 Written Update:

Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th March 2022 Written Update: Episode starts with Saaransh imagines that Vaijayanti deluding Preesha and he needs to tell about it to Preesha. Vaijayanti sees Saaransh and imagines that she needs to follow through with something. She slaps Yuvraj and requests that he leave from that point. He inquires as to whether she became frantic abruptly. She flags Saaransh to him. He comprehends that why she slapped him and leaves from that point. She feels that she needs to discover that the amount Saaransh heard.

She pivots and asks Saaransh that what is he doing there. He asks her that how was she doing Yuvraj. She says that Yuvraj came to meet Ruhi however she took care of him. He lies that he came a few seconds ago. She gets eased feeling that he heard nothing and leaves for court. He lets himself know that he misled Vaijayanti purposely and chooses to tell Preesha that Vaijayanti misdirecting them.

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In the mean time, Ruhi lets Preesha know that she is glad that the last option returned and she needed family like this generally. She says that she missed Preesha to such an extent. She takes her to show the house. Preesha reviews the minutes she imparted to Rudraksh ( Title melody plays behind the scenes ). She imagines that nothing different in this house except for it don’t has a place with her now. Ruhi takes Preesha to Rudraksh’s room. Rudraksh asks Preesha that what is she doing in his room. Ruhi lets him know that she brought Preesha. Preesha sends Ruhi from that point.

Preesha asks Rudraksh that how might he eliminate their photos as a whole. He enlightens her that she didn’t think regarding him while selling out him so she can’t address him. He says that he recollected her in every case except now he don’t cherish her and she is the best justification for it. He adds that she have no bearing in his heart, his life and his room. He pushes her and requests that she leave his room. She leaves from that point. Sharda witness everything and leaves from that point. Rudraksh ponders that why he gets injured while harming Preesha despite the fact that he can’t stand her.

Sharda prevents Saaransh from meeting Preesha. She requests that Preesha not conceal her tears. Preesha tells her that Rudraksh can’t stand her now. Sharda tells her that Rudraksh can’t can’t stand the last option. She takes Preesha to Rudraksh’s room and eliminates the shade. Preesha grins seeing the room loaded up with her photos. Then she cries. Sharda tells Preesha that Rudraksh loves her so much and leaves the room.

Rudraksh emerges from the washroom and asks Preesha that for what reason returned. She asks him that for what reason he deceived her and eliminates the drape. He says that he didn’t lie and his Preesha passed on 5 years back and he don’t know Priya. She goes out.

Vaijayanti lets Preesha know that following 7 days all will be great. She illuminates her about trial and leaves from that point. Saaransh hears that. He tells Vaijayanti’s reality to Preesha.

Precap – Gopal tells Preesha that Vaijayanti is engaged with Venky’s muder.

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