Woh Toh Hai Albela 18th November 2022 Written Update:

Woh Toh Hai Albela 18th November 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Episode begins with Sayuri meandering aimlessly about the child. He tracks down her playing with the toy. Sayuri attacks Kanha for not accepting dresses na dother adornments for the child.

Kanha concocts a rationalization and quiets down Sayuri. The house individuals examine about the situation when Sayuri comes there with the teddy. Sayuri proposes to play with the child. Saroj comes there and SAuri gives the teddy in her grasp.

Saroj misbehaves and when she leaves she discards the toy. Kanha asks her not to do as such as though Sayuri sees it she will feel miserable. Police comes there and says that Rishi’s family recorded an objection against Kanha in regards to their child’s homicide.

This is on the grounds that they have areas of strength for currently against Rishi by Kusum and furthermore he hurt his significant other and grabbed Kusum in the wake of taking off from authority. He says that the case is extremely feeble and encourages him to enlist a decent legal counselor for the case and disappears. Everybody moans in help.

Rashmi finds Nakul purchasing toys forSayuri’s non existent child and faces him about it. She says that they are off-base in taking care of for the illusional contemplations of Sayuri. Nakul says that it doesn’t make any difference as he’s simply doing what makes Sayuri cheerful and leaves. Rashmi looks on. Kanha says thanks to Yash for all his assistance.

Yash requests that he conclude regardless of whether he thinks of him as a companion as though he thinks of him as companions then he won’t take say sorry. Kanha says that he wishes Kusum changes her heart and Yash leaves expecting something similar.

Indrani cries over Sayuri’s condition and Dadi consoles her. She requests that she stand by Kanha in the troublesome time. Indrani faults god for testing Sayuri over and over. Dadi says that od tests just for the individuals who can ready to deal with it. He comforts her to remain by Sayuri in her troublesome times. Saroj finds the toys purchased by Nakul and tracks down teddy in it.

Everybody watches her stressed when Sayuri picks the teddy and says that Nakul got a small variant of the child. She shows it to Kanha and Kanha adulates it. Kanha recommends her to go to her school as they couldn’t track down her substitution. Sayuri says that child is excessively little and she can’t go to work. She requests that everybody find a name for child a dthey all propose a few names however Sayuri isn’t happy with any names.

Precap : Sayuri’s toy will fall in fire accidently and Sayuri will shout out for help. Kanha will say that it’s a toy and not her child. He will say that she show her child on unnatural birth cycle and will request that she acknowledge the situation. Sayuri will swoon in his arms.

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