Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd November 2021 Written Update:

Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd November 2021 episode starts with Shri Ganeshji intimating Usha she’ll get to know the truth about her confusion by tonight while Shri Krishna is also intimating his son Anirudh that he’ll know the truth about his intuition by tonight itself & Ganeshji tells Usha she is lucky she’ll be blessed marrying a person who will be from God’s community & will get signal by tonight hence both of them are unable to sleep waiting & wondering what they’ll know tonight & finally they try to sleep.

Usha is roaming in the garden to pluck flowers while Anirudh also comes out in the jungle but a huge evil giant follows Usha & she becomes alert watching him behind her & gets scared with him who scares her trying to pick her but an arrow hit his hands which is shot by Anirudh hence he moves towards him & Anirudh keeps shooting his arrows to finally kill him & Usha becomes attracted to him so she goes & asks him who he is but Anirudh’s mother wakes him taking his name while Usha is also woken by her mother who was actually dreaming about all that happened.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd November 2021 Written Update:

Usha’s mother tells her she has to go to meet Chitralekha as suggested by Shri Ganesh hence she wakes & gets ready to leave.

Usha is moving towards Chitraleka’s Lok using her meditational powers suggested by Shri Ganesh but in between faces lot of hurdles. Some Gods try to stop her for not allowing an Asoor daughter to come near God’s or Goddess’s place but she explains them she might be an Asoor girl but she is blessed by Shri Ganesh itself who has shown her this path & they all vanish hence she moves forward.

Usha again faces trouble of a ditch surrounded with full of mouse & she falls in confusion how to pass this path from a ditch hence she tries to return hence a voice echo’s saying if she returns then she won’t get this opportunity again while Shri Ganesh also opens his eyes & Mushak asks him why his meditation was disturbed & Usha gets the sign of Mushak appreciating her earlier hence she uses prayers of Mushak which helps her cross the path & she praises Mushak for helping her.

Usha reaches in Chitralekha’s place who prays her to emerge for her which has taken lot of trouble to reach till her place & Chitralekha emerges telling her she is proud of her devotion due to blessings from Shri Ganesh but she has to face one more test.

Precap :Narkasoor says his created evil women’s are itself confronting him which he won’t allow hence is he has created then he’ll destroy them himself & he tries to use his powers on them but they save themselves with help of Mata Kamyaksh’s powers.

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