Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Episode starts with all Swarglok Gods along with Brahmadev are moving towards Ganesh’s celebration meeting while Bhudevi is slowly entering into muddy ditch where evil Hiranyaksh has thrown her & Indra realizes hence stops telling Brahmadev & all of them that it has happened whatever he was scared of & tries to stop evil with his weapon but Indra is clutched by Hiranyaksh’s powers & Indra tells them to proceed & inform Prabhu Narayan to help in this.

Varun God also takes leave from them saying now he is going to attack there. Brahmadev along with everybody are proceeding praying Prabhu Narayan on their path. Hiranyaksh says now Varun Lok will come in his custody but Varun God stops him saying unless he doesn’t fight with him he can’t clutch Varun lok & Hiranyaksh says to him he is a fool to not to realize his powers.

Bhudevi praying Shri Hari Prabhu Narayan saying he only brought her hence he only has to save her anyhow & Brahmadev is also informing Prabhu Narayan Hiranyaksh cannot be defeated by any God while Hiranyaksh is fighting with Varun God. Devi Laxmi also asks Prabhu Narayan is he can’t be defeated by any Human or God then who’ll defeat him hence

Prabhu Narayan says it’ll be an animal who’ll take this avatar for saving & requests Brahmadev to bring that animal who can only do this saviour part hence animal in form of cow face emerges named Hiraksh with powers of Brahmadev & Bhudevi praises him for coming to save her from Hiranyaksh while all Gods also praise Shri Hari Narayan.

Varun God is confronted by evil Hiranyaksh who is praying Shri Hari while evil asks him in anger who his Narayan is or is he scared knowing about him but all of them watching his ego are feeling foolish about him. Hiranyaksh is warning everybody Bhudevi can’t be saved by anybody from this ditch & clutches Varun God with his chain weapon asking him to tell him who Narayan is while Prabhu Narayan’s avatar

Hiraksh comes & takes him away & jumps in the ditch but when he didn’t return Hiranyaksh feels saying he must have died in his ditch with Bhudevi & laughs saying now who’ll save all of them but avatar Hiraksh comes out of the ditch taking Bhudevi on his tooth flying towards her place but Hiranyaksh is trying to attack him for stopping but avatar Hiraksh overcomes all his attacks & places her in her original place who praises him for saving her.

Hiranyaksh become wild & begins attacking avatar Hiraksh but Hiraksh guards himself with his powers & destroys all his weapons hence he asks him who he is & Hiraksh says he hasn’t yet recognized him hence emerges in his actual form of Shri Hari Narayan & all Gods along with Bhudevi praise Shri Hari Narayan for his enormous looks in his form.

Precap :

Prabhu Narayan shoots his Sudarshan chakra towards Hiranyaksh but he says this can’t do anything to him but he is beheaded & his blood spreads across Bhudevi’s place. A child is born to Bhudevi & Brahmadev tells Ganesh this way Narkasoor was born hence Ganesh says it means he is son of Bhudevi.

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