Udariyaan 8th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Khushbeer says everybody commits errors, however one who pardons has a major heart, you have an extremely enormous heart. Tejo says ordinarily botches get too enormous that our huge heart additionally misses the mark, I can never pardon Fateh. She leaves. Fateh comes and stops her. He asks what occurred, did father say anything. She cries. She says I m alright. He inquires as to for what reason are you crying, you realize I can’t see tears in your eyes.

She says you caused Rupy to swear not to say anything, he kept the guarantee, its your turn now, he requested that you avoid me, keep his assertion. He says I will regard his assertion, I won’t ever inconvenience you, yet sorry I can’t avoid you, I guaranteed myself, I had no real excuse and right to carry on with life, yet life allowed me another opportunity, I won’t release it, let me stay around you, else I can’t live. She cries and checks out him. Tere bina… .plays… . She leaves.

Tejo prepares for school. She sees Angad with the family. Angad welcomes her. He says you didn’t distinguish me, myself Angad Mann, recall, come, we will appreciate aloo paratha. Tejo says I will have it in school, how could you come. He says I have office in Moga, you neglected. She says I m getting late for school. He says I will drop you. She says I have scooty. He says even my vehicle misses you… Tejo ji… .

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Angad says pay attention to me. She says you are a decent individual, however I can’t keep this companionship, so I returned. He says you have come here for Fateh, you realize he is here, you said you actually love him. She says I would rather not give any avocation, you helped me, yet you can’t meddle in my life. He says no, I care for you, Fateh and Jasmin won’t allow you to live in harmony. She says my family is there to stress for me. He says I m allowing you a last opportunity, leave everything and accompany me.
She asks what are you talking about, sad to report, I try to avoid this tone. He grins and says you didn’t comprehend, I didn’t imply that, I m mentioning once and for all, accompany me, you, me and Riya will begin another life, you don’t adore me, we are companions. She says not once more. He says Jasmin has come here, she won’t allow you to remain in harmony. She asks how would you know. He says I have seen her, they will continue to make some issue. She says I told you, I don’t have anything to do with them.

The scooty doesn’t begin. He says I will drop you. She says pass, I will take an auto. He says we are companions, we can figure out this. She sits in the auto. He stops the driver and admonishes him. He says Tejo ji, you can’t fail to remember this day, you will lament soon, reconsider. He gives his hand. She requests that driver drive.

She leaves. He says I don’t need you to go to Fateh, I would rather not hold hands with Jasmin, for what reason are you compelling me to do this. Fateh arrives at the school. He gets a rose. He considers Tejo. Dekheya… .plays… He says how might I give this to Tejo, Dilraj and Navraj likewise wouldn’t help me due to Rupy’s dread. He says I will keep this on her seat before she comes. He sees Jasmin there. He expresses why is she here, is she keeping an eye on Tejo.

He follows Jasmin. Jasmin gets a call. She says OK, I m in school, relax. He stops her. She asks are you following me, conclude what you need. She takes the roses. She says its great, love letter. She peruses the verse. She tears the note and steps on the roses. He chides her. He says I requested that you avoid Tejo and me. She says India is a free country, your mum didn’t get Moga in her share.

He says you can never get me back. She says I care very little about you, yet in demolishing your life, quiet down, your bp will get high, unwind, you recollect, you torn my identification and gave me an astonishment, I will give you a major shock now. She goes. He expresses what is she going to do, she can cause anything to damage Tejo, I need to guard Tejo.

Tejo requests that the understudies watch out. Fateh thinks the whole school left, why is she here. She asks did you have any work. He says school time is finished. She says OK, you might go assuming you need. He reviews Jasmin’s words. Fateh asks is Tejo’s class actually continuing. Peon says OK, she is stepping through a reevaluation. Fateh says I can’t leave her visit be here, don’t have a clue what is Jasmin’s arrangement. He gives cash to the watchman and says stay here till Tejo is here,

I m additionally here, you get a taxi for her, her scooty isn’t working. He goes. Tejo says time is up. She takes the papers. Tejo says you didn’t go. Monitor says how might I go until you are here, stand by, I know your scooty isn’t working, I will get an auto. She asks how would you know, did anybody request that you do this. He sees the vehicle. Fateh stows away and looks on.

She says its alright, you employ the auto. He employs an auto. She says let him know that he can leave now. He goes to Fateh’s vehicle. She leaves. He says Tejo left, she said you can go now, she comprehended. Fateh asks was she irate. Monitor says no. Fateh asks was she grinning. Monitor says possibly. Fateh chuckles and expresses gratitude toward him. Angad comes to meet Jasmin. He asks what occurred. She says I told you not to rush,

you didn’t tune in and came here, what did you converse with Tejo. He says stay out of other people’s affairs, you plan your amazement, let me shock everybody by my arrangement, I needed Tejo to return to me. She says obviously, she would have let you know that she cherishes Fateh. He says Fateh likewise adores her. She says I need your assistance. He asks what help. A mishap is shown. He asks are you frantic. She says simply finish a mishap, you have huge contacts. He asks whose mishap. She says you accomplish something beneficial with me, I will help you, my genuine arranging will begin after mishap, poor Fateh and Tejo, this time, I will give them a major astonishment.

Precap :Jasmin says you will like this surprie, so should be frightened. Tejo gets the rose and note. Tejo slaps Fateh irately.

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