Udariyaan 29th December 2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Fateh and Jasmin having a discussion and giggle. He says you don’t appear as though you have a place here. She says I stay in London, I m here for quite a while. She recounts her ex and acts to cry. He says fail to remember it, was he ignorant concerning leave a lovely young lady like you.

She says OK, you are correct, he was visually impaired. He jokes and giggles. They leave from the dhaba. He says I will get a vehicle for you first. He whistles. She gets stunned seeing the police coming. She says I have my vehicle, I will go. He says you are going above and beyond, Jasmin Sandhu. She attempts to run. The constables get her. She asks how did I respond. Fateh says we as a whole know what you did. He eliminates his phony mask. She gets stunned seeing Fateh. He says you generally get crushed. She becomes furious.

She requests that they leave her, she sat idle. The photographic artist says its not my misstep, I simply click the pics, this young lady take mask and get pics with the rich folks, she offers the pics to attorney. She chides Fateh. Fateh requests that she go to the prison and take rest now. She is removed. He says all that will get fine in Tejo and Angad’s lives.

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Angad figures Fateh will arrive at Moga assuming he learns this, I need to get Tejo far from Fateh. Police takes Jasmin. Angad doesn’t see her. He strolls out and about. The man requests that he get under any enormous vehicle to kick the bucket. Angad reviews his words. Fateh inquires as to whether anything happened to Riya, that young lady is a lawbreaker, she is in prison. Nani asks what. He says Angad is Riya’s uncle, he is so great.

Nani says he isn’t, for example, he shows up, I know his reality. Angad reviews Tejo’s words. Nani says on the off chance that he gets obstinate, then, at that point, he can do anything, he can accept life too, he is distraught for Riya, as though she is his little girl, he is fixated for those he adores. Fateh reviews Angad. Angad reviews Tejo’s words. He sees a vehicle coming and comes in front. The vehicle hits him. Angad tumbles down injured. He figures how might you go now Tejo. Individuals see him and say he is so harmed and dying.

Jasmin is placed in the lockup. She requests that constable let her settle on a telephone decision. She lies about her father. She says I need to call my aunt, she will clarify my father. Constable gives the telephone to her. She calls Riya’s Nani. She says I m in prison, come and get me out of here. Nani says I needn’t bother with your assistance, I won’t help you, you are a crook, Fateh told me every little thing about you. She closes the call. Jasmin gives the telephone. She says another call. Constable admonishes her.

He says have food and rest. Tejo says guarantee, I will finish your undertaking, help me in pressing. Babli says its a call from emergency clinic, Angad Sir… . Tejo accepts the call. She gets stunned. Rupy says I m alright now, this is a result of climate change. Bebe says Tejo is coming, he will be fine at this point. Dilraj says I made this invite card for her. Khushbeer says incredible. Rupy says I got fine hearing that Tejo is coming. Tejo comes to the medical clinic. She requests Angad. She hurries to see Angad.

She sees Angad. She gets some information about him. He says relax, he has a head injury, he will be fine soon. She asks would i be able to meet him. He says sure. She goes to Angad and holds him. Angad opens eyes and grins seeing her. She asks how did you respond. He says you are admonishing me, a vehicle had hit me, its great that this occurred, else I would lack your sweet reproving. She asks how are you feeling now.

He says a few injuries are there, yet I m fine, I m just stressed for Riya, she got joined to you, you need to go to Moga now. She says no chance, I will not go, don’t stress for Riya, I will call father and come. She calls Rupy. Khushbeer says put it on speaker. Tejo asks are you OK at this point. He says OK, come soon. Gurpreet asks how are you. Khushbeer says we are glad that you are coming.

Tejo says all of you are there. He says OK, we got the uplifting news that you are coming. Dilraj says Bebe has made numerous things. Tejo says I m not coming. Bebe inquires as to why. Tejo says Angad met with a mishap, he has a head injury, I need to remain back and care for him. Khushbeer says its OK, we are here to care for Rupy. Fateh reviews Nani’s words.

He thinks no, Angad isn’t, for example, Riya’s Nani is saying. Angad says I know Tejo ji, you care for me, however I love you a ton, I won’t allow tears to come in your eyes, nobody can hurt you. Jasmin says I will kick the bucket hungry yet not eat this food. She becomes irate and says I need to render retribution on Tejo and Fateh.

Precap :Tejo says your satchel. Fateh turns towards her. She gets stunned seeing him. Jasmin comes and says I got new bangles, see. She requests that Tejo spare her significant other now please. Angad looks on.

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