Udariyaan 16th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Simran saying father looks irate. Fateh says relax, he will like Buzo. The woman gets Buzo and his folks. Nimmo says Buzo, you… . The woman says he is the person, do you know him. Gurpreet says you have come after numerous years. The woman says I think Lord made this partnership.

Buzo’s mum says I know Simran since youth. Buzo’s father says its great we met today. Buzo sees Fateh.

Tejo implores and says Khushbeer shouldn’t become furious. Khushbeer says you realize that I would generally rather avoid you for Simran, for what reason did you get this woman, you got your folks to get offended. Gurpreet says don’t affront the visitors. Khushbeer asks does he have any work, how can he respond. He admonishes Buzo.

Buzo’s father asks how could you say that to my child. Khushbeer says I regard you yet I don’t think your child is appropriate for my girl. Buzo’s father gets some information about your girl, be appreciative that I got my child’s partnership here.

Fateh says we will sit and talk. Buzo’s father contends and says I reject your girl’s collusion, you continue to observe a sovereign for your princess, she fled to Canada and afterward returned with her child, you are observing blemishes in my child, you lost your seat yet not the pride. Buzo requests that his father get peaceful. Buzo’s father admonishes Khushbeer a ton. Fateh says limits are getting crossed at this point.

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Buzo’s father says tell your father, he called us home to affront. He requests that Gurpreet say, what are they taking, an unwanted lady and somebody’s blood, everything will I say to other people. Buzo requests that he stop it, for what reason is he offending Simran. He says I won’t hear a word against Simran. His father says Khushbeer didn’t control his tongue, he is offending us. Khushbeer says you have no regard, get lost, this collusion will not occur.

Buzo’s father says I break this partnership. Fateh stresses. Amrik says I m frightened, Jasmin. She requests that he have food. He says I m not ready to have food, I m frightened. She says I m with you, I won’t release anything wrong.

Khushbeer yells Simran. Fateh stops him. Khushbeer chides Simran. She cries. He says Simran and Fateh slandered me, Gurpreet to see me alive, then, at that point, handle Mahi and Amrik. Amrik says you should lack me bailed, I did an error. Jasmin says no, it was only a mishap.
He says I ought to have rebuffed, for what reason did you assist me, you with hating my family, right. She says OK, I disdain them, yet your family, not you, I generally loved you, you helped me. He says I feel frightened. She says quiet down, you didn’t foul up, I comprehend your circumstance, life detainment or capital punishment is given in such mishap cases.

He asks will I get imprisoned or hanged, I would rather not kick the bucket, what will my mum and father think. He says quiet down. She gives him meds. She makes him rest. She says I need to prepare you to amaze Tejo and Fateh. She grins.

Angad stops the vehicle and welcomes Tejo. He asks what occurred, I will drop you home. She says I have scooty. He asks what’s wrong. He says Simran… . She gets a call. She says sorry, I need to go. He holds her hand and asks where are you going. She says I can’t perceive you anything at the present time. She leaves. He says I realize it was Fateh’s call, you are going to him, its sufficient now, I need to accomplish something now.

Tejo says I m stressed for Simran, she addressed me, she said she won’t hurt Khushbeer once more, deal with her. Fateh asks did you consider anything. She says let their indignation quiet, then, at that point, we will think. At Gurudwara, Candy comes to Khushbeer and says I likewise came to do Seva here, Tejo got me here.

Tejo welcomes Khushbeer and says he needed to implore something. Khushbeer asks what did you implore. Candy says I asked that Buzo uncle turns into my father. Khushbeer gets stunned. Candy likewise washes the utensils. Khushbeer returns home. Simran requests that Buzo leave, anybody can see him.

Buzo says I can’t survive without you. She says kindly go, I can’t hurt father, if it’s not too much trouble, go, don’t attempt to converse with me once more. Khushbeer looks on. Its evening, Tejo inquires as to for what reason did you return home. Buzo says I m not frightened of uncle. Fateh says have persistence, we are here.

Buzo says Simran would rather not meet me now. Tejo says Fateh, converse with his father, I will converse with Khushbeer. Its morning, Angad says commencement has started, I will begin my arrangement on the off chance that I don’t get your unexpected outcome, its sufficient now, I can’t see Tejo going into Fateh’s arms.

Tejo meets Khushbeer outside Gurudwara. He says you here, once more, you got Candy yesterday, for what reason did you come today. She says I didn’t get him to compress you, he needs Buzo to turn into his father, I needed to apologize, marriage department thought was mine, sorry, I needed to cause you to understand that Buzo is the right person for Simran.

He says his father talked off-base with regards to Simran. She says OK, its her error, her family implies a ton to her, possibly she gets powerless to take off from the house for the good of Candy by holding Buzo’s hand. He says she can go, for what reason is she remaining in my home. Jasmin awakens Amrik. She asks are you fine at this point. He says better. She requests that he eat.

He says you are not so particularly terrible as everybody might suspect. She says we will talk later, have food first. He goes to clean up. She says a goat is very much taken care of before the penance. She turns off the telephone. She says avoid your family, my unexpected’s commencement has started. She grins.

Precap :Fateh asks Tejo will you excuse me sometime in the not so distant future. He grins seeing her. Jasmin says I got you bailed for my rationale, I can get you captured once more, tell me, what do you acknowledge, discipline or my condition.

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