Udaariyaan 1st July 2022 Written Update:

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The episode begins with Rupy yelling at Shiny for criticizing Tejo. Wonderful quiets Shiny down. Gleaming calls Tejo again mental and requests that she send her psychological medical clinic. Satti makes sense of her Tejo’s condition and the treatment she’s getting. She says that they can’t abandon Tejo in this condition. Tejo asks begins hitting making commotion by stirring things up around town on the plate and says to call Fateh.

Satti takes Tejo inside. Glossy protests that they have offended them by calling home. Rupy requests that they get out. Exquisite requests that Rupy stop. Rupy says that Lovely ought to help them as opposed to supporting the visitors. The visitors drop the coalition and indignantly leaves. Jasmine gets blissful. Satti calls Fateh. He inquires as to whether all is well. Satti says that nothing is fine and requests that he come right away.

Fateh arrives at Sandhu’s home and sees visitors coming out followed by Lovely and Harman begging them. Fateh goes in. Glossy tells Lovely to send Tejo to the psychological emergency clinic to get Abhiraj hitched. Fateh comes to Tejo. The last option flies off the handle with Fateh for letting her be. Fateh apologizes to her and solaces her. Tejo swoons. Fateh puts on the bed. Fateh asks what occurred, why Tejo is frightened. Rupy says that the lights went off and they lit candles. Fateh inquires as to why through lit candles when they realize she’s frightened of fire. He asks who took candle to Tejo.

Dilraj says Jasmine. Fateh denounces Jasmine for that. Satti says that she gave Jasmine crisis light. Jasmine lies that crisis light broke so she accepted candle as she’s stressed for Tejo and failed to remember over her trepidation for fire. Fateh yells at Jasmine for failing to remember such significant things. Jasmine sets up a demonstration and shows that she’s worried for Tejo. She says that she’s additionally stressed for Tejo like Fateh and claims to leave irately. Tejo acquires her cognizance.

Beautiful criticizes Tejo and expresses her to get conceded in the psychological shelter. Fateh asks how they can say like that. Rupy and Satti contend. Fateh expresses them to not contend before Tejo. Abhiraj asks who is Fateh to talk in their family matter. Fateh says that mindful Tejo is his matter. Fateh takes Tejo from that point. Fateh and Tejo kiss each other temple. Fateh makes her protest the vehicle and drive off.

Rupy reminds Abhiraj how he can contemplate his sister like this. Abhiraj says that Tejo needs treatment. Rupy says that she’s getting treated and asks mightn’t he at any point give her time. Abhiraj asks what amount of time it will require. In the vehicle Fateh shares with Tejo that they’re going to his home. Teko gets energized. Here Rupy says that Tejo will remain in his home as it were. Wonderful says that this house has a place with her and her kids as well, however it appears it turned out to be just Tejo’s home, so she would rather not stay here.

Fateh and Tejo arrive at the Virks house. Fatrh says that she will come here after their wedding. Tejo gets thrilled. They go in. Tejo says that their home is large and gets energized. Virks get profound on seeing Tejo. They all acquaint themselves with her. Tejo says that sisters are awful when Fateh says that Mahi is his sister. Fateh says that she’s a decent sister and loves her. Tejo contacts her hand. Biji gives Tejo her number one Laddu made by her. Tejo eats it and says that she previously ate it. She asks what she ought to call her. Biji says to call her Biji. She kisses Tejo’s brow. Tejo inquires as to whether she can take another laddu. Biji says OK. Tejo cheerfully takes it.

Fateh recommends playing carrom board. They all sit and play. Fateh gets some information about Gurpreet. Mahi says that she has gone to somebody’s home puja with Nimmo. Kushbeer is close to home seeing Tejo and sads that she remembers nothing. Fateh guarantees that she will recall gradually and requests that he play with her. Kushbeer obliges. There Jasmine and Satti request that Lovely not venture out from home. Beautiful says that either Tejo will remain here or her. Jasmine grins covertly.

Fateh brings in the ashram. Kamal gets the call. He asks when and how often Tejo got brutal when she was remaining in the ashram. She says that at whatever point she cannot communicate her feelings. Fateh reviews late occurrences with Tejo and Jasmine being with her that time. He gets dubious that Jasmine is answerable for Tejo’s savage way of behaving.

Precap: Tejo meets Gurpreet. Gurpreet gets profound when Tejo embraces her. Fateh stands up to Jasmine. He says that she’s as yet unchanged Jasmine, she didn’t transformed, she is setting off Tejo. He cautions her to not set off Tejo again stunning Jasmine.

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