Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 6th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Kajol let Anurag know that he is having fever and requests that he get up from that point. He says this tempest is wonderful in my life. Kajol says you are unwell and requests that he rests. He asks would you be able to see my heart torment. She asks him not to say anything and say the downpour and tempest isn’t finishing,

I don’t have a clue what to do, your fever is expanding. He shuts his eyes. Kajol requests that he open his eyes for herself as well as their adoration. She shuts the entryway and rubs his hands. She thinks he is wet and feeling cold. She takes off his shirt and attempts to give him warmth by keeping her hands close to the fire and afterward keeping her hand all over and chest.

She requests that he open his eyes and keeps her dupatta on his chest and dozes embracing him. In the first part of the day, Anurag awakens and sees Kajol resting on his shoulder. He gets up and checks out her. He says I have appealed to God for this second from Mata Rani, and needed us to be nearer and our heart beat talk. He sniffles. Kajol awakens and says sorry, tells that she had dozed. They fall on the bed together. Mahi re plays… ..

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He moves her hair and attempts to kiss her. She gets up and says your shirt. Anurag wears his shirt and says thanks to her for drying it. Kajol asks would you say you are fine? Anurag says you have dealt with me so well. Kajol says I was exceptionally terrified. Anurag says yet the entirety of my apprehensions are gone, I am not apprehensive regardless of whether passing came to me. Kajol says kindly, don’t say this, I have accomplished such a great deal to save you.

Priyanka and her mom come to Anurag’s home. Sharmila opens the entryway. Priyanka tells that she is her bahu now. Her mom says Anurag has consented to wed Priyanka. Priyanka takes Dida’s endowments. Sharmila figures when did this occur. Anurag tells that every one of his supplications are replied without a moment’s delay and says we are made for one another.

Kajol says there is a distinction between an evening and entire evening. She says you need to return to Priyanka. He thinks I need to go to Priyanka for you, how to tell you, how she has caught me? Kajol says downpour has halted, we will leave from here, Maa and Chachi should be concerned for us. She overlays the covers and holds it back.

Anurag comes to her and holds her hand with tears in his eyes. They have an embrace. He asks will I ask you for something final and asks her never to keep the ring a long way from her, and says I will feel that I am with you through this ring. He says I will consume all my time on earth because of this present night’s recollections.

Priyanka asks where could Anurag be? Sharmila says he didn’t tell me. Dida requests that she attempt his number. Priyanka says it is inaccessible and thinks she needs to discover what’s going on.

Naina sees Arjun’s vehicle and does her make up to intrigue him. She opens the entryway. Apu returns home. Naina says I saw Arjun’s vehicle. Apu says Pulti dropped me home, we had met coincidentally. She thinks what is upto.

Anurag drops her to Ashram. Kajol says we need to end this excursion here, so you can begin new excursion with your new soul mate. Her dupatta stalls out. Anurag requests that she go. She requests that he go first. He sits in the vehicle and drives off taking a gander at Kajol.

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