Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 4th January 2022 Written Update:

Sameer tells Kajol, you are fine. Kajol asks, how could you get my mom’s number what not? Sameer takes a gander at Anurag. Anurag signs him not to come clean. Sameer says, Aashram individuals documented missing grumbling for you, so I got the number from that point.

Kajol expresses gratitude toward him for all the assistance. A medical attendant illuminates Sameer that there is a call for him. Sameer advises Kajol to rest and leaves. Kajol is having cerebral pain/feeling bleary eyed. Anurag watches her. He then, at that point, heads off to some place.

In the mean time, Kajol prepares to leave. Anurag is on his telephone. Kajol emerges from the room and is feeling bleary eyed. Anurag sees her and she’s going to fall. Anurag runs towards her. Sameer saves Kajol from falling and inquires as to for what reason did she get up? Anurag strolls back. Kajol tells Sameer, I was going to Aashram. I really want your assistance. Kindly let me know the bill sum. I don’t have my handbag. I will go to Aashram and get the cash.

Sameer says, your bill is as of now settled. Kajol asks who settled it? Anurag again signs Sameer not to come clean. Sameer says, they get a ton of gift. Kajol says, however that is for poor individuals. I don’t need you to involve that assets for me. Sameer changes the theme and says, a tornado will come. It’s undependable for you to leave in this condition. Kajol objects, however he sends her in the room.

Naina attempts to converse with Arjun, yet he advises her to let him be. She says, you will remain upset for lifetime for sure? I previously came clean with you. You used to say sorry so rapidly before marriage. Presently you are so changed. Arjun’s mom comes there with a record for Arjun. She gives it to him and lets Naina know that there is a contrast among beau and spouse. A spouse has a ton of obligation.

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Arjun begins strolling to leave. Naina stops him and tells him not to go this way, else she will remain miserable the entire day also. Arjun asks, has nobody shown you at home that you don’t prevent individuals from back when they are heading off to some place? Presently my entire day will turn sour. blo*dy garbage. He leaves. Naina cries. Shreya comes. She says, poor new bahu. Love vanished from romantic tale. Naina wipes her tears and says, what do you imagine that you won? I realize very well that you’re behind this. Try not to attempt to meddle with me. You should pay for ruining the evening gathering.

Twister begins. There is a notice in Aashram not to come outside. Chandana becomes stressed for Kajol.

Anurag asks Sameer how is Kajol now. Sameer says, she’s fine. You can proceed to actually take a look at yourself. He says, I can’t go before her. I would rather not face a challenge. Sameer advises him to at minimum actually take a look at his emergency clinic and propose him a few upgrades. He takes him to show around. Kajol believes that she should go to Aashram.

She looks outside and says, the tempest has not begun. I will actually want to reach. She comes outside and demands a cabbie to take her to the Aashram. He says, on the off chance that we stall out in center, then, at that point, there will be an issue. She demands him. He says, fine. She takes a gander at Anurag. She strolls towards him, yet a vehicle comes in the way and afterward Anurag vanishes. She thinks it was only her creative mind and leaves.

Naina says to herself that nobody can play with me, not even you, Arjun. Presently watch what I do. She begins gathering her sack. Until you don’t come and ask to me to return, I won’t return.

Sameer and Anurag return inside the clinic. Sameer keeps an eye on Kajol and illuminates Anurag that she isn’t there. Sameer asks the safety officer for what reason he let her go. Anurag says, I should go behind her. Sameer says, it’s undependable. Anurag says, in the event that it’s undependable for him, then, at that point, envision for Kajol. She hasn’t eaten anything. She is wiped out. Sameer advises him to take his vehicle at any rate.

Kajol stalls out into the traffic because of land slide. The driver proposes her to return, however she says no. Anurag comes there. He imagines that Kajol may be caught in the rush hour gridlock. It begins coming down. Kajol asks the driver for his telephone to illuminate Chandana, yet there is no organization. The driver tells her that he doesn’t believe that the traffic will clear for 24 hours. Anurag gets off the vehicle and looks for Kajol.

She hears his voice, yet feels that it’s her creative mind. She sees a young lady crying. She goes to her. The young lady says that she can’t track down her folks Kajol agrees with the young lady on a particular position, under a tree. Anurag actually takes a look at every one of the vehicles, yet can’t track down Kajol The young lady’s mom is additionally tracking down her She advises Anurag to assist her with tracking down her little girl

Anurag asks her little girl’s name. She says, Tanu. He says, I will track down her The mother hears Tanu’s voice and says, she should be some place here. Tanu’s mom tracks down her She expresses gratitude toward Kajol. Anurag can’t consider Kajol to be she’s behind a tree. Kajol’s dupatta flies and goes all over. He moves it and gets glad and assuaged to see Kajol. He strolls to her. The two of them check out one another.

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