Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 3rd March 2022 Written Update:

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 3rd March 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Anurag preparing and calling Sharmila and his dad. Anurag is energized and advises Sharmilla to hustle as he doesn’t need his lady to pause. Kajol’s family advises Kajol to prepare. Naina tells not to stress she will ensure Kajol resembles the most excellent lady. Naina gifts Kajol a costly gift however Kajol rejects it and tells she will wear the neckband given to her by her dad. Naina thinks she is simply trusting that Priyanka will accomplish something. Naina tells anybody would have felt sidelined in the event that they were in my place.

Naina tells everybody concentrated completely on Kajol but.Chandana tells Kajol fabricated her own place by affection and cautions Naina not to hurt Kajol. Naina asks Chandana would she say she is undermining her? Chandana tells Naina she is cautioning her. Police comes to Kajol’s home. Shyam and Thakur Maa ask them for what valid reason would they say they have arrived? Police requests to meet Kajol. Anurag asks controller what’s wrong. Police tells they are here to capture Kajol. Anurag asks on the thing premise would they say they will capture Kajol? Anurag tells he is certain Priyanka could have called them.

Priyanka’s mom tells she called the police as she was unable to let the young lady who attempted to kill her girl get hitched cheerfully. Anurag tells Priyanka would have kicked the bucket in the event that Kajol didn’t save her. Police advises them to allow them to perform their responsibility and capture her. Kajol tells her mom not to become stressed as she did nothing off-base. Chandana lets police know how might they capture her girl on her wedding. Kajol tells she did nothing off-base so no regulation can capture her. Kajol tells Priyanka and her mom are doing this to stop her wedding however she won’t let them succed.

Anurag remains toward the front of police and lets them know he won’t allow them to take Kajol. Chandana attempts to make Priyanka’s mom comprehend that she is demolishing her little girl’s life. Police advises Kajol to accompany them however Anurag stops her as she is going to leave. Anurag takes a gander at the watch and tells he was sitting tight for this time as it’s evening now and they can’t capture a young lady after 6pm. Priyanka’s mom comes clean is Kajol couldn’t bear Anurag and Priyanka’s closesness so she attempted to kill Priyanka. Anurag tells where was Priyanka’s adoration when I was lying on bed? Sharmila tells Priyanka didn’t come to meet Anurag once when he was lying on bed. Sharmila tells Kajol is totally blameless and you should capture we all to capture Kajol.

Bulti tells Kajol saved her life and she saved Priyanka’s life as well and comes clean with the monitor to help. Priyanka’s mom advises Anurag that anything Priyanka did was to get her adoration and everything is fair infatuated and war and she won’t leave Kajol alive. Priyanka’s mom attempts to kill Kajol by squeezing her neck. Anurag saves Kajol and lets the police know when she could attack like this infront of everyone,think how perilous she is. The episode closes with Police telling Priyanka’s mom that this is endeavor to kill.

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