Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 15th February 2022 Written Update:

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 15th February 2022 Written Update: Anuraj drives his wheelchair away furious on Kajal. A couple argues him to play out their child’s activity. Anurag says he can’t perform activity in this condition.

Two or three solicitations Kajol to clarify him. Kajal lets Anurag know that his assurance is shaken however not theirs, they totally entrust him with their child’s life and he entirely misunderstands to demonstrate them right and himself, she realizes he can do it and even he realizes that. Anurag asks Dr. Banerjee to prepare the group.

Dr. Banerjee says thanks to Anurag and goes to make plans. Couple say thanks to Anurag. Anurag requests that Kajol stand by outside OT behind the glass window as he might require her assistance whenever.

Anurag performs activity with shuddering hands while Kajol watches from glass window and supplicates Durgamaa to help Anurag. She asked Anurag once on the off chance that he doesn’t get anxious during medical procedure and he says he plays music to him and does activity certainly. She inquires as to whether her voice can reach inside OT. He says her voice can reach with press of a button. She squeezes button and plays music.

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Anurag stands up on his feet and does a medical procedure. Priyanka strolls in and gets desirous seeing Anurag reacting to Kajol’s support. Baluda says Anurag played out his own treatment while performing another person’s treatment. Kajol expresses gratitude toward Devimaa and says Anurag has self-assurance.

Baluda says its Kajol’s affection that has decided Anurag. Anurag signals approval at Kajol and says activity is finished. Priyanka leaves recalling specialists telling that Anurag can never remain on his feet. Anurag wobbles again after the activity and sits back on a wheelchair.

Kajol leaves. Aunt arrives at medical clinic and inquires as to whether a wonder occurred. Kajol genuinely gestures yes and embraces her. Aunt says its all a direct result of Kajol’s adoration and says no one but she can get Anurag in a good place again. Anurag rolls out of OT. Everybody applaud him. Two or three says he is a divine being who saved their child.

Anurag requests that they thank god. They request that how express gratitude toward him. Anurag requests that they express gratitude toward Kajol in view of whose certainty and consolation he could do a medical procedure They say thanks to Kajol. Kajol requests that they proceed to meet their child. Baluda lets Anurg know that they were all sure with regards to him and Kajol caused them to acknowledge it, she is his solidarity. Auntie inquires as to whether he actually needs to disappear from Kajol.

Anurag says never, he generally needs Kajol to be next to him. Priyankya leaves envious reasoning she will perceive the way they will be together. Auntie sees her and thinks genuine affection won today. Anurag inquires as to whether she will uphold him generally. She gestures yes and inquires as to whether he will finish his physiotherapy. He says just for herself and embraces her inwardly. Kajol feels modest seeing auntie and pulls Anurag’s seat. Auntie favors her.

Opu requests Naina to check Kajol’s made note with respect to parcel from properties. Mother says Kajol was taking care of house and press with incredible trouble, how might she after the segment of properties. Pishimaa says at whatever point they figure Naina will transform, she will stoop all the more low. Chandna inquires as to whether its all in all correct to get cash bankrupt.

Opu says no, yet Naina won’t comprehend. Kajol enters with desserts and cheerfully portrays what occurred at medical clinic. Opu says its an enchantment due to Kajol. Pishimaa says Anurag will get well without a doubt until Kajol is with him and feeds her desserts.

Kajol says she is extremely cheerful and needs to accomplish something particularly amazing, asks . Entryway ringer rings, Opu says Bulti more likely than not come. Kajol tells Pishimaa let us plan sweet dish. Naina strolls in crying and embraces Chandna.

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