Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 10th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Anurag telling Sharmila that Kajol and he can’t join together and requests that she acknowledge this as quickly as time permits. Sharmila says the manner in which your mom and I know you, no one does, and says you won’t ever acknowledge rout with such ease and asks what was the deal?

Anurag says I have no choice left. Sharmila shows the prize which he won when he was 7 years of age. She shows another prize when he won it in eighth class and so on Anurag asks what would you like to pass on? Sharmila says when you didn’t acknowledge rout in school and school tests, then, at that point, how might you acknowledge rout in life test.

She says something has occurred, which constrained you to take this choice, else my Anurag can’t acknowledge rout. Kajol lets Chandana know that she has done nothing out of sorts which remains or her family regard. Chandana asks what had occurred? Kajol tells that they met in Haridhwar and there is something which associates our spirit. Chandana says I am glad for you. Kajol says all of you are my solidarity and I need you all to be content.

Chandana says your baba needed to see you settled. Kajol says he was never mine, for what reason to cry tears for him. Sharmila inquires as to whether Priyanka has caught you in any case and requests that he tell her something. She inquires as to whether she constrained you and requests that he say. Anurag requests that he envision, that transport is drawing close to us and asks whom you will save.

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Sharmila says I will push you to security and will save you. Anurag says I am doing likewise and saving Kajol, and I am not troubled assuming I gone under the transport. He says I need to keep myself occupied in work. Sharmila comprehends and goes to Anurag to get his affection back and requests that God give some knowledge to Priyanka.

Shreya advises Arjun that her dad is prepared to put resources into his organization. Tai ji likes her. Shreya says my Papa will help you. Naina thinks this is Bhabhi’s stunt and says why your Dad will put resources into Arjun’s better half. Shreya says I don’t have to converse with you, who don’t gets business. Naina says Arjun is my significant other, even I have a business, and can utilize my dad’s cash.

Kaushik inquires as to whether she knows the sum. Tai ji says 1 crore. Arjun requests that she go to room. Naina says she will make game plans of cash and confesses to that she needs to share confidential. She says I saw Apu and Pulti together today, I thought this is my obligation to tell you. She says I will converse with Maa to end the matter and requests that they converse with Pulti. Arundita admonishes her. Naina says I read their talks. Kaushik requests that Arundita watch out for Pulti. Shreya thinks this is your another stunt, lets play. Naina thinks I have won, however how to oversee cash, Kajol di is on baba’s cash like a snake.

Priyanka comes to Kajol’s print machine and says I came to thank you, for understanding my affection and sidelining for me. Kajol says I am glad for you both. Priyanka says Kajol didn’t have the foggiest idea how I caught Anurag, I won’t leave him. Pulti converses with Apu and says thanks to her for the dress.

Apu tells that he is pitiful seeing Badi Didi, something has occurred between them. Pulti says I trust their misconception gets settled. Pulti says she needs to discuss them, and tells that her marriage conversation continues, and asks will you wed me? Apu says ofcourse I will do, yet how to request your hand now, I need to deal with baba’s business before marriage. She says she would rather not compress him. Naina comes there.

Priyanka requests that Kajol print their wedding cards, however before that send the examples. She says Anurag will be glad, as cash will come to your home. Kajol expresses gratitude toward her.Pulti requests that Naina thump on the entryway prior to going into her room. Naina says she ought to have lock the entryway prior to accomplishing any private work.

Kajol gets the examples and calls Priyanka. Priyanka has left the telephone in the medical clinic. Anurag picks the call and asks her for what reason would you say you are calling her? Assuming that she offered something to you. Kajol says she needed to converse with Priyanka, however it doesn’t make any difference. She says I got an opportunity to print two city top specialists wedding card as a result of you. She says I need your satisfaction and needs you to settle down. She asks him not to stress and says I will make such a card, that you will be pleased with me. She says I need to compose the subtleties of mahurat and requests that he tell. He thinks Priyanka went there purposefully to inconvenience her. He says I don’t have the foggiest idea about the subtleties.

Precap :Anurag envisions Kajol and gets heartfelt with Priyanka. Priyanka says I was sitting tight for this second. Anurag is stunned.

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