Thapki Pyar Ki 2 8th April 2022 Written Update:

Thapki Pyar Ki 2 8th April 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Dadi saying at last Thapki and Purab are getting hitched. Priyanka prods Thapki and Purab. Sapna tells this time marriage will be a private one. She gifts her Mom neckband to Thapki. Thapki says Priyanka merits it. Priyanka tells she is the person who merits it. Sapna requests that Thapki wear it at her wedding. Dadi lets Sapna know that she is feeling glad seeing her. Jaya comes there and tells she is blissful seeing them. Purab requests that Jaya support him as others are supporting Thapki. Jaya grins. Worker illuminates everybody that Sargam acquired awareness.

Everybody goes to Sargam and apologizes to Sargam for not having the option to safeguard her. Priyanka requests that they permit Sargam to talk. Sargam says she is the person who needs to apologize to everybody. She is sorry to everybody and Thapki fir not ready to help her when she really wants her help. Veena says we track down reality and disregard that occurrence to continue on. Sargam says she can’t continue on until she is sorry to Thapki and Purab and doesn’t have the foggiest idea what could have occurred. Anshul informs her beginning and end concerning how Thapki and Purab saved them from Hansika. Sargam apologizes to Thapki and Purab. They explains to it’s fine that is the reason they had an opportunity to wed for the third time. Anshul says this no Ghoonghat. Purab takes care of cupcakes to Sargam.

Jaya performs customs and lets them know she is glad to cause them to wed with all ceremonies. She tells Purab turned into her child and she gifts Thapki her Mom gifted saree. Veena covers Thapki in that saree. Jaya acclaims her look. Anshul sees Sargam and inquires as to why she sits a long way from others. Sargam says she understood what’s affection seeing Thapki and Purab. Anshul says valid and I cherished Urvashi as she is like you however she sold out me as she is a cheat and held up a grumbling against her. Sargam grins and says it’s hard to get love like Purab and Thapki. Anshul by implication tells her they can attempt. Sargam grins.

Priyanka requests that Sagar focus on work, not on her. Sagar tells he can’t focus on anything leaving her. Everybody gets going with wedding readiness. Purab causes Thapki to prepare by making her wear the gems. She grins. He kisses her on cheek and tells her that he is fortunate to get her as his significant other. She grins. Veena and Jaya hinder them and request that they come ground floor assuming they are prepared. Purab carries Thapki to the mandap. Both get hitched with all customs before their loved ones. Then, at that point, they take the gift of seniors. Pandit says marriage is finished. Priyanka says how about we take a selfie. The show finished with selfie of all relatives.

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