Thapki Pyar Ki 2 6th April 2022 Written Update:

Thapki Pyar Ki 2 6th April 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with everyone getting ready for Pooja. Veena calls everyone as it is the ideal opportunity for aarti. Veena gives it to Swapna and says as you are the family’s first girl in regulation you ought to give aarti. The remainder of relatives follow. Someone calls and says see what is befalling Sargam. It is shown that Sargam’s condition is it is stressed over her to quit fooling around and everyone. Purab brings specialist. Specialist sees her condition and says her condition is deteriorating and we really want to give shock treatment. Dadi says we should do Pooja for Sargam’s fast recuperation.

Specialist gives shock treatment to Sargam and relatives do Pooja for Sargam’s speedy recuperation. Specialist comes and Sargam is out of risk however for her to become typical it will require some investment. Purab comes to Sargam and shares with her to get up. He attempts to show the photographs of their cherished, lifelong recollections to her however she doesn’t awaken. Purab actually attempts to awaken her. Thapki comes and sees him. Purab expresses in light of him she is in this condition as she was unable to impart her concerns to him. Thapki says it’s not your issue. As you probably are aware she dislikes her body and that’s what rohit exploited. Thapki asks what are these.

Purab shows the photographs and recounts to the story behind every one of the photograph. Purab says he will generally be at real fault for what has been going on with her. Thapki says it’s not your issue.
Veena is demonstrated to take care of Dadi. Dadi says it’s bad Veena says for the following week you need to eat this. Veena says for Sargam you must be sound so you need to eat this. Veena recollects what has been going on with Sargam. Dadi asks what happened seeing Veena becoming quiet. Veena asks how did Sargam stupidly believe that sort of individual. Sargam will trust anyone effectively and she thought double-crossing was love. Veena says perhaps Sargam saw her and Vinod’s relationship and didn’t need that sort of relationship. So she stupidly believed that sort of individual. So it is somewhat my shortcoming. Dadi says when you know your error you ought to make for it. At the point when Sargam awakens don’t chide her and give her trust that we are with her.

Sargam awakens and is restless about her child’s condition. Thapki attempts to control her yet she says she needs to go to specialist and examination her child’s condition. The relatives come and Veena attempts to control her however she says she needs to go to specialist. Veena slaps Sargam to control her. Veena says you lost your child in that mishap. Sargam asks Purab kindly tell that it is completely false. However, Purab says it’s reality. Sargam cries on Purab’s shoulder.

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