Thapki Pyar Ki 2 21st March 2022 Written Update:

Thapki Pyar Ki 21st March 2022 Written Update: The episode begins with Hansika is attempting to get private with Purab. Thapki feels terrible seeing them. Purab stands up leaving Hansika. Hansika inquires as to why she feels he doesn’t need Thapki to leave their lives. Thapki signs Purab to remain. Purab talks sincerely with Hansika. Thapki leaves in tears and she runs with Dadi. Dadi asks her for what reason she is crying. Thapki tells her Purab is caught and she doesn’t have any idea what to do. Dadi instructs her she knows.

Hansika attempts to kiss him. Dadi eliminates the breaker and tells Thapki that Hansika can do nothing in the obscurity. Purab tells Hansika they can praise later and tells her that he will set the wire. Hansika lets him know sentiment needn’t bother with light and attempts to draw nearer to him. Purab stops her telling her he will bring wine for their festivals. Thapki embraces Dadi. Dadi asks her to never consider she is separated from everyone else. Purab brings wine and acclaims the enrichments and music. They drink wine. Hansika makes him fall on the bed alongside her.

Next morning Hansika awakens and sees Purab is resting close to her shirtless and she messages Thapki to come to the space to observe the reality of the previous evening. Hansika awakens Purab. Thapki comes there and leaves in tears seeing their situation. Hansika lets him know Thapki isn’t in the middle of them. Purab expresses gratitude toward her for the previous evening and he sends her to spruce up.

Purab comes to Thapki’s room and sees everything is broken and asks her for what good reason did you break this. Thapki says the previous evening you made meextremely upset and you are stressed over these things. Purab accidentally steps on broken glass. Thapki becomes stressed. Purab says I have done nothing the previous evening, just you have directly over me and you realize that you have right on my adoration. Thapki gestures yes and embraces him then, at that point, lets him know that she was terrified seeing them in that compromised position.

Purab tells her how he made Hansika rest by adding Dadi’s dozing pill in her beverage and today I took off my shirt to cause Hansika to accept that something occurred between us the previous evening and you’re the one in particular who has right on my adoration. Thapki grins. Purab kisses her.

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Hansika on the call lets her Mom know that Purab is had a place with her and tells her arrangement of ridiculing Thapki and she goes to Thapki room and notification broken things. Purab and Thapki stow away from her behind the pantry. Hansika believes Thapki’s heart is broken severely and she goes close to the cabinet yet before she gets them Dadi stops her and takes her with her telling her she wants a foot rub.

Purab lets Thapki know that they got saved. Thapki concurs and asks him from when they act thusly and requests that he search method for disposing of Hansika. Purab tells he has an arrangement to rebuff Hansika for her wrongdoings. Sagar messages Preethi to meet him to sort out Blackmailer to show something new to him. He asks Priyanka to turns on the fountain. She lets him know it’s as of now on. He goes to wash up then she actually looks at his message and plans to show something new to him. She calls him letting him know he got a message from a private number.

Sagar comes out and takes the telephone. Priyank leaves. Sagar sees the message that he needs to get rebuffed with his better half by making her hit him with eggs and tomatoes. Priyanka figures she will perceive the way he makes it happen. Veena asks Dadi for what valid reason Purab called them. Purab comes there with Hansika and lets them know that he is going on a vacation with Hansika to Kashmir. Veena tells he picked the right choice. Purab figures Hansika will get uncovered before the flight takes off and she will be out from our lives.

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