Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th December 2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Thapki let Hansika know that it appears somebody attempted to trap Purab and her. She says you had slipped and Purab held you. Hansika says might be it happened coincidentally and says the floor was wet and says it occurred because of the misstep of the staff part. She says my life is destroyed because of this. She says when this will end.

She says Papa’s case, and this. Thapki asks her not to fault her father. Hansika tells that Papa’s business is in misfortune, and he has huge obligation on him, and might need to sell the house. She figures you will prevent me now from going out. Thapki says I can see, however you will be with your father during the hour of emergency, and requests that she be with them. Hansika says alright, and expresses gratitude toward her.

She takes her gear. Thapki calls Hansika and says in the event that you want anything then, at that point, call me. Hansika says sure stepsister, and expresses gratitude toward her. She makes a bothered face and leaves room. She lets Thapki know that she will take Veena aunt’s endowments prior to leaving. She contacts Veena’s feet and says you used to say consistently that I don’t take your endowments, and says I used to regard you from outside, however not from my heart. She says the manner in which you acknowledged me, I regarded and love you.

She requests that she favor her that she can manage the rest of the world, and says sorry. She says I won’t let your and Purab’s name be destroyed outside. Veena hears her. Hansika thinks somebody if it’s not too much trouble, stop me and thinks this chuk gaadi isn’t halting me.

Purab comes there and sees Hansika leaving. Veena stops her and says assuming that you go out now, then, at that point, everybody will respect her off-base, we have declared her as the substance of the Veena records. Purab requests that she stay back until everything is arranged. Veena requests that she go to her room and says this house is still yours. Hansika believes Thapki’s arrangement is destroyed.

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Later Thapki is sewing something and the needle punctures in the finger. Purab gets worried for itself and blows on it. Thapki says it is a little physical issue. Purab says he will call specialist to get her infusion. She denies. He says I will call specialist and professes to call Doctor, and requests that he give TT infusion to Thapki.

Thapki says I don’t need infusion and requests that he hold the telephone down. Purab says come specialist. Thapki grabs telephone from his hand and makes proper acquaintance specialist, I would rather not get infusion and makes proper acquaintance. Purab says it is phony call dumbo. She says she is sewing his shirt. Purab expresses what do you feel that Hansika will return. Thapki says I think hansika will go to her daddy, yet Maa ji has much experienced than us.

Later Vinod lets Purab know that everybody will invite the new year together and gives the evening liability to Thapki. Thapki says alright. Sargam says I will help Bhabhi. Thapki asks would we be able to do some cause through Maa ji’s hands. Purab says you suspect as much with regards to Maa ji, I trust even she contemplates you. Sapna tells that her bahu couldn’t draw her better half’s consideration even later such countless long stretches of marriage. Sagar comes to the workplace and gives gift to Preeti.

Preeti says it is for me. He says he is the marking accomplice of his companion’s organization. He gifts her gems for the new position. Preeti gets cheerful and envisions sitting in the vehicle. She is going to fall, when Sagar holds her. Preeti says I had lost my equilibrium. Sagar figures you will come to me straightforwardly. Thapki requests that the Servant see the stuff and furthermore the improvements. Purab asks do you really want assistance? Thapki says once I settled the list of attendees, I will tell you. Purab requests that she give him a juice.

She gives him the juice. The Servant comes and says I brought tomatoes, and goes to bring coriander. Purab asks what is in lunch? Thapki says matar paneer, gobi matar. He rejects and says blend will be great with Matar. Thapki says will I make matar with matar. He requests that she make paneer, aloo with matar. Thapki says you are so dependable, for what reason are you burning through my time, and requests that he go.

She slips and he holds her and sits behind the kitchen cupboard. The tomatoes roll and tumble down the section. They chuckle. He asks will you have tomato. She says you don’t chuckle in any event, for the awful joke. He observes ear telephones, says I won’t converse with you now and requests that she give an exceptional gift on new year. Thapki grins.

Purab requests that she make tea for her Guru ji’s Guru. Veena lets Hansika know that he is her Guru, and she has taken in everything from him. She requests that Guru ji favor Hansika. Master ji says I will favor you, however before that you need to breeze through the assessment. Thapki comes there and brings the tea. Veena Devi requests that she go and says I don’t need your awful reflection to fall on Guru ji. Master ji brings the pot and requests that she play music on the pot and sing the tune. He says this is your test. Thapki hears from far.

Precap :Purab gets dubious as the tune begins before Hansika begins. Thapki is seen sitting in the kitchen. Master ji acclaims Hansika and says there is Saraswati vaas in your voice. Veena Devi favors Hansika. Purab brings Thapki there and says the tune which all of you heard was really sung by Thapki and not Hansika.

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