Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th December 2021 Written Update:

Episode begins with Purab showing the topic of their new collection and requests the groundbreaking thoughts. The representative gives his idea that they will utilize old recollections. Purab says I was 6 years of age, and got unwell. He says Mom had woken up most of the night to deal with me, and sang cradlesong for me to make me rest. A woman worker reviews her minutes with her dad and tells about it.

Thapki gets enthusiastic. Other worker asks Thapki what is her best memory with your dad. Purab faculties her annoyed and requests that the representatives go. He asks Thapki, what she conversed with her mom? Thapki says will I tell Purab?

Purab says I am terrified, assuming that anything had occurred? Thapki says I am stressed because of the public interview. Hansika comes there. Purab lets Hansika know that he will participate. Thapki says you have time till evening. She shows the timetable to Purab. Hansika thinks Thapki has given her final proposal.

Priyanka returns to Sagar and asks why is he here? Sagar concocts a rationalization. He requests that she come and have espresso with him. Preeti understands that she has failed to remember her telephone and returns to the table to get it. Priyanka takes a gander at her and asks Sagar, assuming this is a similar dress which he purchased for her.

She says planner had sent me the pics. Sagar asks whom? Priyanka makes him see Preeti, and asks from where she got the dress. Sagar says I had given it for a noble cause, she may have purchased at modest rates. He stops her. Priyanka goes behind Preeti and asks from where you have purchased the dress and calls her dress as copy.

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She goes. Preeti says it is unique. Hansika pay-offs the server and requests that he accomplish her work. Question and answer session begins. Correspondent asks when they will hear the new tune. Purab says you will hear Hansika’s new tune. Correspondent inquires as to whether she will end up being Veena’s appearance. Hansika says there could be no more excellent artist than Veena ji. Server comes there and makes the juice spills on Purab’s garments. Purab goes to the washroom and washes his coat. Hansika comes there.

Purab says it is gentlemen’s washroom. Hansika says it is women washroom. She strolls towards him and falls in his hug. She slips her shoulder strip. Columnists come there and take Hansika and Purab’s pic. Columnist says they got the news for later. Purab goes behind them. Thapki likewise sees them. Hansika thinks today I changed the board and made Purab hers. She paid off the server to change the board.

The journalist returns and lets the correspondents know that Purab is taking part in an extramarital entanglements with Hansika. Purab attempts to explain and the news spread. Thapki comes there. Purab checks out her. The journalist takes Hansika’s pics. Thapki checks out Hansika and goes from that point. Hansika figures now no one can toss me out from here.

Everybody in the house watches the news that Purab is trapped in a compromising situation with Hansika. The columnist goes to Thapki and asks her, assuming she is familiar with her significant other’s such person. Thapki is quiet and goes.

Priyanka says I would have slapped Sagar assuming he does something like this. Purab strolls behind Thapki, and figures what she will think pretty much this, I will converse with her. Hansika expresses what might be said about me, I was offended infront of everybody, media and family. She says individuals will raise finger on my person. Purab says I will settle everything and returns home.

Priyanka and Sapna feel terrible for Thapki. Father requests that they hush up. Priyanka tells that Dadi gave them a smart thought. Neighbors come there and tell that they are concerned for Thapki. Thapki comes there. The neighbors tell that they are with her, and will get equity for her. Sapna says a little sparkle got the fire going. Priyanka says it will dole out the retributions with Veena. They insult Purab. Purab says I want to converse with Thapki.

The neighbor says they wil send him to prison and record abusive behavior at home argument against him. Thapki makes the woman tumbles down, and holds her. She says our pics while we are clasping hands will be given to the media, and says precisely this thing have occurred in the washroom. The woman inquires as to whether she was in the washroom.

Thapki says truth is that, I trust my better half completely. She says my trust won’t break and I won’t get impacted. She says thank you for stressing over me, however actually you don’t have to identify with me. She says they are hitched in at all conditions, yet he is honest and regard her a ton. She adulates him a great deal and says he helped Hansika as she is his school companion. Purab inquires as to whether they will have food. The women leave. Hansika becomes disturbed.

Purab comes to the room and takes pad. Thapki takes a gander at him. He blindfolds her and requests that she accompany him. She asks where? He says you trust me, then, at that point, come. He takes her to the designed patio for their supper, with the assortment of desserts and food. Thapki grins checking out him.

Precap :Purab says you cause me eat persuasively regardless of whether I to feel hungry, presently it is your move. Thapki says this is my top choice, I will eat papdi with you. They make each other have the food.

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