Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Thapki serving water in the glass. She hears Purab coming and professes to rest on the couch. He attempts to awaken her and says I realize you are professing to be snoozing.

He comes nearer to her. She pushes him. He asks did your rest break. Thapki asks what you was doing? Purab says I thought perfect suitor mystical kiss may work. He asks how did this occur? Thapki says let me rest.

He says when nothing has occurred, between us, then, at that point, how did this occur. Thapki gets some information about that evening, when you had fever and I was sitting at your bedside. She tells that later in the evening, we drew nearer. Purab says no one fails to remember such evenings and requests that she say. Thapki asks how treat imply that I brought this child from my maayka. Purab asks what is she stowing away?

Thapki goes about as though she is getting spewing and rushes to washroom. Purab thumps on the washroom. Dadi asks Veena for what valid reason would she say she is stressed? Veena says how to acknowledge the bahu’s child as my successor, whom I don’t view as my bahu. She says on the off chance that the child has same issue? Dadi says this child is of Purab as well. She says even Mata Rani can’t fail to remember you for this.

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Hansika meets Anjali and tells that she has accomplished such a great deal to get Purab, however Thapki is pregnant. Anjali requests that she think and says Thapki haven’t admitted her sentiments to Purab, then, at that point, how could she get pregnant.

Hansika says don’t have the foggiest idea what occurs behind the shut entryways. She breaks the cup. Anjali says you had just said that Thapki has ventured out from home, and inquires as to whether Purab will release her. Hansika says Thapki may be having emotional episodes. Anjali says no lady can leave assuming she is pregnant. She requests that she think reality behind this.

Thapki receives a message in the evening, emerges from restroom and observes Purab sitting on the bed and dozing. She leaves the room.

Sagar asks Sapna for what valid reason did she call him over and over. Sapna says Purab and Thapki are having a child, and says your crown will be grabbed from you. She demands them to have a child today itself and gives their hand in one another’s hands.

She requests that they applaud. Sagar says on the off chance that you go out, we will applaud. Sapna says I will lock the entryway from outside, until you both give me the uplifting news. Priyanka grins and says shona. Sagar claims to be worn out and dozes on the bed. Priyanka requests that he get up and applaud with her. Sagar begins wheezing. Priyanka becomes vexed.

Thapki comes out and meets Sargam. She says everything is taken care of. Sargam says I am extremely frightened, on the off chance that Bhai comes to know reality? Thapki says even I am concerned, Purab is dicey and addressing me over and over since he came to be familiar with my pregnancy. Hansika comes there and asks Thapki,

what no one will come to know. Thapki says Sargam is getting envious, thinking after child come, she won’t have any worth. Hansika says why she is acting along these lines, outside the house. Sargam says it is our home, we can talk anyplace.

Hansika says Thapki is pregnant, yet you are getting emotional episodes. She thinks Mom was correct, Thapki was concealing something and Sargam is helping her. Thapki says she will deal with and requests that she ensure, that no one will realize that she is pregnant and not her. She strolled out and about and mishap occurring there.

She goes close to there. Purab is additionally coming there and goes when he gets Vicky’s call. Thapki runs behind her. Sargam tells about her pregnancy and tells that she called Rohit, yet he isn’t picking the call. She says in the event that Mom, Bhai comes to know? Thapki says self destruction isn’t the arrangement. Sargam says I don’t have any choice. Thapki says we have a way. fb closes. Sargam says thanks to Thapki for the blessing. She is concerned and asks what you will answer Bhai. Thapki says I need to tell truth to Purab, yet.

Sargam requests that Thapki guarantee her that she will not enlighten anybody regarding her. Thapki reviews Purab blowing up on her for stowing away with regards to Sargam. Sargam says I will pass on in the event that you don’t guarantee me. Thapki guarantees her and says it will be our mystery, yet do nothing which will make everybody dubious.

Thapki petitions God to invigorate her satisfy the guarantee made to Sargam. Purab inquires as to whether visitors are coming in the house. Dadi says no. She asks Thapki not to contact her feet until child is conceived. She causes her to sit alongside Purab, and tells that in the event that guardians have love, the child will be extremely excellent.

Dadi goes. Purab asks Thapki will I cause you to eat with my hand. Thapki is going to eat desserts. Purab requests that she have achaar. Thapki says everybody’s pregnancy is unique, I need to have desserts. Purab requests that she come clean and says something occurs among a couple before the pregnancy.

Precap :Purab lets Thapki know that this is truth that he has guaranteed her mom, however whatever he is doing is with his desire. Thapki asks what is the connection between us. He says we have the connection and it will be for eternity. He requests that she determine what is pregnancy truth? Hansika hears them and thinks to uncover her.

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