Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 27th-Sep-2021 Written Episode Update :

Jogi is sitting in his room sadly. Mahi comes there and smiles at him. Jogi turns away from her. Mahi says we decided to never sleep while fighting. Jogi says let me sleep. Mahi says you still want to write that song? Jogi says yes. Mahi says you are not this man, you can’t write these cheap songs.

Jogi says thank you for showing no trust in me. Mahi says I always trusted you so how can you say that? Jogi says Avnit has done so much for us but you still doubt her. Mahu says I can’t ignore her deeds. I know you are not like this, she is turning you into a man that you are not. Jogi says you think I am an idiot, useless and a slave like your sister said? Mahi is stunned to hear all that. Jogi says when Arjun bad-mouthed me then you stopped me but you didn’t say a word to your sister because you also think the same right?

you know the true partner who is always standing up for you but you don’t want me to succeed because you are scared that you would lose your title of being a responsible wife? You want to keep me as a slave. Mahi says Avnit has filled your heart with poison for me. Jogi says yes because I am a fool who would listen to everyone? You can go and joke with your sister about me. He says our marriage was a compromise so I won’t impose myself on you. He takes his pillow and leaves it from there. Mahi is hurt.

Rupa comes to Avnit and says I slapped you so I am sorry. I couldn’t see you are doing all this for Jogi. We have a small thought process. I know what I did with you was wrong so forgive me if you can. I can’t thank you enough. Avnit recalls her slapping and is angry. Rupa asks if she can’t forgive her? Avnit looks away. Rupa says fine, I have hurt you so I will punish myself. She starts hitting her hand on the wall but Avnit stops her. You are like my mother so how can you do this? You know I love you so you have a right. You will not hurt yourself like this. Rupa says Jogi opened my eyes for you. You are important to him and he is important to you. Avnit thinks I will take revenge on Rupa at the right time. My words are affecting Jogi which is good.

Jogi is sleeping on the sofa. Avnit comes there and gives him a blanket. She asks if he fought with Mahi? Jogi says it’s a small fight between husband and wife. Avnit sits with him and says Mahi is very lucky to get a husband like you. You always hide Mahi’s mistakes. You are a good husband. She says what have you written? Sing that song for me. Jogi says only you trust me. Avnit says don’t care about them.

Just do what your heart says. She moves closer to him. Avnit says we can sing it together. Avnit plays music for him. They both have fun. Renu comes there and sees all that. She thinks this Avnit is trapping Jogi. Jogi gets tired and sleeps on the sofa. Avnit smiles at him. She puts a blanket on him and caresses his face lovingly. Renu hides and sees all. Avnit kisses Jogi’s cheek. She gets a call and leaves from there. Renu goes behind her.

Avnit tells on the call that Jogi needs more time to sing these kinds of songs, he is not ready but we have to keep pushing so he doesn’t lose hope. Renu thinks she kept fooling Jogi. Avnit hears her voice and goes to check. Renu hides from her.

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