Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 8th August 2022 Written Update:

Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 8th August 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Krisha advising Devraj about Jaya and Vamika’s relationship. She likewise denounces the last option for tormenting Virendra, while Devraj denies to trust it. Virendra likewise stands firm for Krisha and demands Devraj to defy Jaya. He reluctantly concurs and goes inside Jaya’s room. He sees Vamika alongside her and demands Jaya to show the collection from her cabinet. He enlightens her regarding the allegations of Krisha, while the last option begins her close to home acting before him.

Jaya questions in the event that Devraj has no faith in her? To which the last option shakes his head and expresses that he have full confidence on her. Around then Krisha approaches and request that Jaya quit tricking Devraj. She arranges Jaya to show the collection, which she has kept inside her cabinet and proclaims that it will uncover her reality.

Jaya broadcasts that she just now and again sympathizes with her aggravation with Vamika and there is nothing in the middle between them. She lies that Vamika isn’t her girl and advises Devraj to trust her. He softens seeing her tears, however Virendra approaches and supports Krisha. He request that Jaya do according to Krisha’s organization.

Somewhere else, Jaya gets enraged and gives her pantry keys to Devraj. She request that he look inside her pantry, while Krisha takes the keys and opens it. She draws out the collection and shows it to everybody, except to her shock there were Devraj and Jaya’s photos. The last option gets staggered and demands Devraj to trust her.

Jaya and Vamika grins reviewing the flashback, where Jaya thought Krisha’s arrangement and disposes of Vamika and her photos. She grins viewing at Vamika as their arrangement gets fruitful and afterward again begins her acting before Devraj.

Ahead, Jaya professes to get injured and proclaims to leave the castle, while Devraj apologizes to her. He demands her to remain, while Krisha gets incensed and request that Jaya stop her acting. She demands Devraj not to accept her and says that she is faking it. He admonishes Krisha and request that she leave the royal residence. Krisha gets injured and disappears, while Virendra attempts to stop her.

Vamika hauls Krisha to toss her out yet the last option stands firm for her and broadcasts that she have all the property on her name and pronounces that she will stay put. She petitions god inside her room, while Jaya torments Virendra and undermines that she will kill Devraj and blame Krisha for it, while the last option gets terrified.

Further, Devraj reproaches Krisha and says that he she has broken all his trust and love towards her. Though, Ugra and Raghav alongside Naina derides Krisha while Rati stands firm for her. Afterward, Vamika dumps her image with Jaya into the dustbin, while Raghav arrives at there and gets all the photographs.

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