Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 11th August 2022 Written Update:

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Virendra getting inside Krisha’s room. He gives breakfast to her and shows his anxiety towards the unborn child alongside her. He demands Krisha to accept legitimate consideration of herself as she is conveying a day to day existence inside her belly, while she grins at him. The two of them stays there and Virendra begins taking care of Krisha. He gets profound and lets Krisha know that the child is a gift of God and it will tackle every one of their concerns. In the mean time, around then Jaya comes there and Virendra gets frightened seeing her. Krisha sees it and goes up against her.

Jaya tells that she just came to caution Krisha that soon all that will be grabbed from her. Krisha says that she definitely knows Jaya’s goals and declares that she don’t anticipate a wish for the child from her. Krisha announces that she have her God with her, while Jaya pronounces that inside the Palace just she controls and nobody can meddle in her arrangement, not even God.

Krisha announces that she have full confidence in her God and prevents Jaya from startling Virendra. She likewise sends the last option out of her room, while Jaya cautions Krisha to know. In the mean time, Devraj was going to leave for his office, while Vamika demands him to give lift to her.

Vamika shows her phony worry towards Devraj while they were inside the vehicle. She attempts to draw near to him and tells that he can impart every one of his sentiments to her. She tells that she can sympathize with his aggravation and ask him out for supper, however he denies expressing that he would rather not go anyplace at that point.

Vamika fakes her culpability expressing that she believes she lost him because of her previous oversights, while he get some information about everything. She couldn’t ready to satisfy her arrangement and afterward escapes the vehicle. Jaya sees Vamika miserable and tells a stunt to her. She request that Vamika utilize her excellence before Devraj and ask not to lose her expectation.

Ahead, Raghav and Ugra comes inside Jaya’s room and starts compromising her by showing the photos of her and Vamika. The last option gives a befitting answer to them, while Ugra cautions to uncover her before everybody. Jaya request that they have confidence and declares that she will give them their cash till morning.

Jaya ponders getting the keys and property from Krisha straightaway, so she can give cash to Ugra to prevent them from coercing her. While, Vamika comes inside the house and acts to be inebriated. Devraj gets stunned seeing her and attempts to quiet her down. She acts expressing that she is attempting to fail to remember him, yet couldn’t ready to continue on.

Further, Vamika gets shocked seeing Vamika’s theatrics and gets incensed at her. Devraj admonishes Krisha and ask her not to get into mischief with Vamika. Jaya comes there and takes Krisha inside her room, while the last option gets stressed for Devraj and appeals to God for his security. Vamika gives spiked drink to Devraj and request that he spill his guts. He staggers to stroll, while Vamika takes him alongside her, while Jaya sneers contemplating their arrangement.

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