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The episode begins with Shradha says now she truly want to believe that he understands that Kesari is his little girl as it were. Pakhi asks is everything fine. Shradha tells yes and asks Pakhi to her space to discuss their life yet the last option declines saying she has work to do and goes out. Shradha asks by and by now he understood that this is reality right. Saksham says no. Shradha gets irritated and says that he is the person who called Pakhi however on the grounds that Pakhi didn’t expressed anything on his approval he indeed acting along these lines.

Mithila requests that Shrada quit charging Saksham with next to no confirmation since she and the relatives are with him likewise they trust Saksham not her. She further says except if and until Saksham review about the evening and let them know what happened they won’t trust any of her words. Shradha denounces the relatives for answering to her letter however wouldn’t uncover their personality.

Mithila tells that she confides in her relatives yet for the good of she will ask them. She asks Keshav Chirag and Munna yet they all says not them sent an answer note to Shradha’s letter. Mithila tells that nobody from her family did anything such. She additionally tells that in light of Shradha both Gopika and Saksham’s relationship is in question and Gopika is enduring a ton she can’t see Gopika like this so Shradha needs to leave immediately.

Mithila holds Shradha’s hand and hauls her towards the exit of the house however Keshav requests that she stop and goes to them makes Mithila leave Shradha’s hand. He tells that Shradha will remain here until reality comes out in light of the fact that he would rather not lose Kesari there is an opportunity Kesari may be this house’s girl. In the event that that is valid he can’t take a chance with sending Shradha and Kesari from this house. Mithila blows up and asks what is he talking about.

Saksham additionally gets incensed. Ashi tells that she upholds Keshav and tells Saksham he may not recall that anything doesn’t mean Kesari isn’t his girl. Chirag flies off the handle and reprimands Ashi for supporting Shradha. Keshav tells his choice is last that both Shradha and Kesari will remain with them until its demonstrated Kesari is Saksham’s girl or not. Minal asks how they will have the opportunity to know regardless of whether Kesari has a place with the Modi’s. Everybody looks on.

Shradha tells the relatives she will demonstrate that Kesari is for sure has a place with the Modi’s and heads inside and starts breaking the bloom container. She tells she will stroll on the messed up glasses to demonstrate everything that she is saying is valid. She attempts to put her feet on the messed up glass however Gopika stops her. She asks Shradha imagine a scenario in which she strolls on the messed up glass and claims Kesari is her girl will she acknowledge it no right that implies doing every one of these won’t demonstrate anything right or wrong however it’s simply an exercise in futility.

She likewise says that she isn’t supporting her at all neither one of the she trusts her words however she is with reality. Shradha asks how she needs to cause everybody to accept that Kesari is Saksham’s little girl. Gopika tells that they can do DNA test it’s the main arrangement. When the report results shows up they will get to know reality up to that point Shradha and Kesari can remain with them. She further adds that the DNA test will happen the following day itself.

She additionally tells Keshav and Mithila to not to think she is conflicting with their words however they required this lucidity about Kesari’s dad’s reality. Later Chirag packs Ashi’s things. Ashi asks are they going to any relax. Chirag lashes out and advises her to talk reasonably and says that he believe she should take off from the house since she used to let him know that she wont spare him assuming Kesari is his little girl however presently Saksham is caught this way and she is supporting Shradha so she needs to take off from the house.

Ashi requests that Chirag gather Keshav’s pack too on the grounds that he additionally upheld Shradha then, at that point, insults him. Gopika in her room attempts to open the cabinet. Saksham comes there and saves Gopika from the falling sack. He requests that she watch out. Gopika insults him for not being cautious. Saksham brings up at it and tells her he thought she is with her. Gopika lets him know she is extremely clear she is with reality which will become obvious after the DNA test.

Kesari comes to the room and asks Gopika for what valid reason she is battling with her dad. Gopika tells Kesari she is simply asking Saksham for what valid reason she isn’t Kesari’s mom since she is so sweet. Kesari tells she may not be her mom yet she is universes best auntie and embraces her. She then, at that point, tells that she believe Saksham should sing children’s song to make her rest.

Gopika asks Kesari to then go and lay on the bed yet the last option tells that she needs to rest between her folks which shocks Saksham and Gopika. The two of them takes a gander at one another tragically. Kesari hauls him out of the room. Mithila takes her clinical report and requests that Minal read it. Mithila tells she is fed up with attempting to give a birth to a kid. Minal gets stunned learning reality and questions Mithila for what reason did then she let her wed Keshav. Mithila cries and says that on the grounds that Keshav need a youngster which is his own he dont even need to take on a kid.

Keshav says its Mithila herself picked Minal for him. He never constrained her to do this. Mithila says he is correct however she won’t let whatever happened to her to Saksham. Minal upholds Mithila however Keshav stays obstinate saying until reality comes out Shradha and Kesari will remain with them. Kesari takes Saksham to her room. Saksham sings bedtime song to her.

Gopika sees this from outside and cries. After Kesari nods off Saksham chooses to leave however Shardha stops him and says that she needs to do this on the grounds that Kesari became inflexible to be familiar with her dad so she had no other choice. Saksham leaves the room irately. Shradha falls asleep. Somebody sees her through the window and tosses a paper ball at her and conceal themself. Shradha opens the paper and gets stunned.

Precap: The relatives are found in the entryway of the medical clinic. Everybody compose something on the paper. Nobody’s penmanship coordinates with the letter. Shradha tells that Gopika is yet to compose. Gopika concurs. Both Gopika and Shradha writes in the notebook. Saksham takes a gander at the letter and the penmanship and looks on.

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