Tera Mera Saath Rahe 27th May 2022 Written Update:

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The episode begins with Kesari demands Gopika to hit the dance floor with Saksham however the last option says she is annoyed with Saksham. Kesari says even she was disturbed however Saksham persuaded her so she realizes her dad will persuade her as well. She then, at that point, takes Gopika with her to Saksham. She joins their hands and requests that they dance. Kesari appreciates Saksham and Gopika’s dance. The two of them sincerely hit the dance floor with one another.

Gopika signs are Saksham and says he thought since, supposing that Kesari the two of them are battling one another but since of her main they are drawing significantly more nearer. Saksham apologizes to Gopika. Then, at that point, the two of them checks out at Kesari cheerfully. Kesari claims to take image of them. Ramila and Tejal stresses regardless of whether Hiten sent the tryout video. Tejal insults Ramila. Ramila says Hiten is her better half as well so why she is provoking her. A lady comes to their home and tells that both Ramila and Tejal get chosen for their Saas Bahu contest. The two of them becomes puzzled.

.The ladies professes to leave yet the two of them stops. The ladies says that she will remain with them for a whole day then no one but she can ready to comprehend whether they are really care one another or, in all likelihood doing it for this opposition. Both Ramila and Tejal looks anxious. In the Modi’s home Saksham and Gopika carries Kesari to the lounge where Rajjo is crying. Every one of them three looks befuddled. Saksham asks Chirag what occurred. Chirag tells that Munna is caught.

Mithila sees Kesari looks blissful so asks her the explanation for it. Kesari tells that she played with her Saksham daddy that is the purpose for her satisfaction. Chirag jokes at Saksham. Rajjo cries. Jalebi comes there and says that she is hanging around for her girl. They all looks on stunned. Jalebi further says that Kesari’s dad is, in all honesty, Munna stunning everybody. Munna denies it. Rajjo charges Munna.

Jalebi affronts Rajjo. She then effectively embraces Kesari and acts saying she send her to find her dad here however her dad neglected to acknowledge her that is the reason she came here. Kesari attempts to say Jalebi isn’t her mom however the last option prevents her from getting it done. Rajjo says that she will bite the dust and Munna follows her. Ashi tells the relatives this time Rajjo could to something without a doubt so they all goes behind Rajjo to prevent her from doing something to herself leaving Kesari with Jalebi.

Kesari shares with Jalebi she isn’t her mom. The last option says her mom isn’t stressed over her that is the reason she left her in somebody’s place yet she will get benefit by utilizing her. Jalebi likewise says that she will seize Kesari and going to get cash from Munna utilizing this. Kesari’s mom hears all that and cautions Kesari to out of control from that point.

Kesari nibble Jalebi’s hand and attempts to take off from that point yet Jalebi gets her. Meawhile Rajjo attempts to end it all in her room and the relatives argues her to not to make any radical stride. They all heads inside and find Rajjo is on the floor crying her destiny is most horrendously terrible that is the reason she can’t ready to kick the bucket calmly moreover.

Munna lets Rajjo know that he isn’t Kesari’s dad and he will show her a thing or two and takes her to the family room and gets stunned seeing Kesari isn’t there. Jalebi carries Kesari to a room. Kesari’s mom trains Kesari to take off from that point. Kesari attempts yet Jalebi gets her. Once more kesari ties Jalebi and chooses to take off from that point however Jalebi’s men comes there and stops Kesari.

Jalebi cautions her men to take legitimate consideration of Kesari so they can get cash from Munna and leaves the spot. Both the men compromise Kesari. Kesari cries. Gopika asks where is Kesari. Saksham gets a call from Kesari’s mom who tell the Modi’s Jalebi isn’t Kesari’s mom likewise she captured Kesari it’s undeniably happened as a result of them so requests that they save Kesari at any expense or, in all likelihood she wont spare them and cuts the call.

Rajjo proposes the relatives let Kesari’s mom find Kesari all alone yet Gopika causes her to acknowledge Kesari is a youngster and they have the obligation to save her. Munna tells in view of him just Kesari get hijacked so he will do his absolute best to save Kesari. He additionally says that Jalebi did this for cash so she will call him without a doubt up to that point he will request that his men track down Kesari.

Saksham and Gopika misses Kesari’s presence by reviewing the minutes they imparted to her. Gopika tells that is the force of a youngster who unwittingly get a spot in their heart with their guiltlessness. Saksham changes the subject when Gopika achieves the point having youngster of their own by saying they need to illuminate the police yet Gopika lets him know they will be get addressed so they need to discover another arrangement. Kesari cries and tells her mom they will kill her however her mom guarantees her and requests that she glance around and let her know she seeing or hearing.

Kesari hears the sanctuary chime sound so she illuminates something very similar to her mom. She calls Saksham and illuminates him the equivalent. Both Saksham and Gopika hurries to their relatives. Jalebi calls Munna and requests that he give them 25 lakhs then she will give them Kesari and cuts the call. Saksham and Gopika illuminates the relatives about the sign they got and they all chooses to look through all the sanctuary around them.

Gopika and Saksham sees the hooligans are outside one of the house. Saksham goes there and lets them know that Jalebi needs Munna not the cash and nitwits them and gets into where Kesari is. Kesari figures out Saksham’s sign so she cooperates with him. Saksham fools the hooligans and takes Kesari out however Jalebi shows up there. Before Jalebi could alarm her men Gopika quiets down by covering her hands on her mouth. Saksham and Gopika looks on stressed.

Precap: One of the men put a blade under Kesari’s throat and takes steps to kill her. Saksham battles with the thugs and saves Kesari. Later both Saksham and Kesari shares their feeling of dread toward losing Kesari..they additionally thinks about how Kesari’s mom educated Kesari’s area and sees the headphone on Kesari’s ear. Gopika takes it and makes proper acquaintance and from the opposite side Kesari’s mom says she is Kesari’s mom stunning Gopika.

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