Tera Mera Saath Rahe 20th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

The episode starts with the priests starts the puja. He then asks Saksham’s parents horoscope. Mithila asks Ashi to give it to her. Ashi and Ramila looks at each other and smirks. Ashi then gives it to the priest. The priest reads Keshav and Minal’s name which shocks the Modi’s. Mithila asks the priest what he told. The priest once again tells the horoscope is Keshav and Minal’s name.

Mithila asks Ashi what is all this. Ashi acts and says that she told her that she has to bring Saksham’s parents horoscope that’s what she did. She then says that she is sorry if she has done anything wrong. Ramila asks Mithila and the family members to forgive her daughter because she thought like this because Saksham’s biological mother is Minal only and what is wrong if Minal sits in the hawan instead of Mithila. She also tells they know Mithila is the one who behind Saksham’s upbringing but Minal is his real mother.

Mithila tries to leave asking Minal to sit it the hawan but Saksham stops her saying that he is her mother and he wants her to be sit in the hawan. He tells that he will go to the house and bring the horoscope from the house but Ramila stops him and tells him then the auspicious time will pass. Priest also agrees with Ramila. Baa tells that they can asks Gopika to bring the horoscope to the temple.

Mithila tells it not needed. Baa asks Mithila to put her upset aside for some time and they can ask Gopika to bring the horoscope because that’s what we want now. Mithila nods okay. Ashi tells Ramila that she put the horoscope of Mithila’s under her bed which Gopika will not find and smiles.

Gopika receives a call so she goes to Ashi’s room to see where is the horoscope. She searches everywhere but couldn’t find. She then sees it’s under the bed and wonders why Ashi kept this in this this place and then the glass pieces stuck inside Gopika’s foot so Gopika sits on the bed and removes the glass piece then covers it up with a kerchief. Priest tells they are getting late. Mithila tells that she will go and look for Gopika and leaves the place.

Ramila worries that Gopika may come to the temple on time but Ashi assures her nothing such will happen. Gopika receives a call from Saksham. She answers it but geys shocked when Saksham calls her as Radhika and asks her is she coming to the puja and asks her to come saying he will be more than happy. Gopika doesn’t say anything and cuts the call. Saksham thinks that he hope Radhika attends the puja.

Gopika thinks about Saksham’s words and with wonder feet she goes and gets into a rickshaw to reach the place on time. The rickshaw gets stopped when the cops are asking public that they have to use the other way because there was a huge accident happened so they aren’t allowed there. Gopika pleads the officer to let her use the path. The officer agrees to go there walking. Gopika thanks and goes towards the temple. She then gets hit by a car and falls to the ground.

VJ comes out but pays no attention and leaves the place. Someone help Gopika to stand up. Mithila fails to notice Gopika and thinks that Gopika will never gain her trust and gets inside the temple. The priest tells they have only three minutes left to start the puja. Mithila says that they can wait until then.

Gopika sees Thejal is walking past her and hugging VJ who pulls away from her and tells her that he already warned her not to mess with him yet she broke his car for that he is going to publish her and his together pictures everywhere. Thejal gets shocked seeing the picture and pleads VJ to not to do that but he doesn’t listen and leaves the place. Gopika watches everything from far. Thejal throws the picture away and leaves.

Gopika takes the picture in her hand and gets shocked seeing that. She then sees VJ getting into his car so he goes to him and asks him how could he do this to hurt Thejal who is his friend. VJ recalls Thejal calling Gopika as an uneducated person so he calls her the same. Gopika tells that he is an educated men then how could he do this to Thejal to which VJ tells her that he is going to publish these pictures in tomorrow’s newspaper and leaves the place. Gopika gets shocked. Mithila asks Minal to take the place in Hawan. Everyone gets uncomfortable.

Mithila gets hurt but gives an assuring smile to Saksham. Minal worriedly looks at Mithila then goes and sits beside Keshav. The hawan starts. Ramila and Ashi smiles at each other. Gopika comes to the temple. Ramila notices her. Mithila sees and signs her to stop. Baa shakes her head at Gopika. Gopika gets sad. Later the media praises and congratulates Saksham for becoming a Managing Director of the company also praises the new jewelry desing and asks to tell the designer name. Saksham tells the designer name is Radhika.

Gopika goes to Thejal’s room and shows her the picture of her and VJ and asks her to tell the truth to her family members but Thejal insults her and asks Gopika to not to interfere in her matters neither she wants any advice from her. She also tells that she is not a part of family so it’s better if she stays away from this and makes Gopika leave her room. Gopika thinks that she has to tell Mithila and Saksham about this and goes downstairs but she sees media so starts worrying how she is going to tell Saksham about Thejal.

Mithila stops Gopika and asks her not to go there saying she always fails to gain her trust even today there was a little hope for her that she will reach the temple on time but she failed and because of that Saksham can’t able to do the puja with her. Gopika tries to tell her about Thejal and VJ’s threat but Mithila stops her and asks her not to make their life more difficult by her presence. Gopika gets hurt and looks at Mithila who folds her hand infront of Gopika.

Precap: Saksham tells the media even he doesn’t know who is Radhika even he is eager to meet her. He then asks Radhika to call him because he wants to talk to her and thank her. Gopika thinks about Baa’s words and thinks that Gopika may not able to save Thejal but Radhika can and calls Saksham. Saksham gets happy and asks its Radhika right. Gopika says yes and tells Saksham that his sister’s life is in danger so asks him to save her and cuts the call. Saksham gets shocked. Thejal takes a hand full of pills and puts it in her mouth.

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