Tera Mera Saath Rahe 18th-Oct-2021 Written Update:

Gopika makes the design. Aashi pretends to design. Ramila says give this design to Chiragh not saksham. So he wins the project. Gopika completes the design. She says let me give it to Aashi before it gets late. Gopika comes to the temple and sees Nikhila praying.

She says it’s such a big day for Saksham. I don’t know if Aashi even made the design. I wanted a wife for Saksham who would support him. I married him to Gopika. But i couldn’t see the truth. Was she the same Gopika who was brave enough to save me? Why wasn’t she brave enough to tell me about her reality? Gopika hears it and says I need to tell maa ji that I am not a wrong choice.

Gopika comes to Aashi and says I needed to talk to you. Aashi says there is no time. Give me the design. Gopika says I can’t.. I should give it to Saksham myself. It might reduce misunderstanding. Maa ji might have seen something in me that even I don’t know. Aashi says give me the design. Gopika says I won’t.

Aashi says give it to me. Gopika runs. Aashi runs after her. Sakham holds her. He says can’t you see there’s a problem going on in the house? Gopika says I am trying to help with that.. I made this design. He says what? I would rater shut my business than to take help from you. We pick designs of the best designers from the world. He leaves in anger.

Chiragh says to Aashi what happened? She says you scared me? Chiragh says did you complete the design? She says yes let me get it. Aashi calls Ramila and says Gopika isn’t giving me design. What should I do? Ramila says google and print one. Aashi prints it. Chiragh says Aashi what are you printing? She says for design to look professional. He says oh smart. Aashi says can’t we give it directly to papa ji?

Gopika sits and recalls what Saksham said. she gets teary. Baa comes and says don’t cry. Brave girls don’t cry. Gopika says he won’t take it. How did I even think he would accept it. I wanted to be the Gopika maa ji wants me to be. The one who can help her husband. I forgot my reality. I should give up. Baa says don’t say that. Gopika leaves the design there.

Aashi gives the design. Mr. Modi says it’s such a good design. Chiragh Aashi you saved us. Aashi you’re so talented. Nikhila says did you make it? She says it? Nikhila says yes. Mr. Modi says you should start coming to office Chiragh. Saksham says I will love it when my brother works with me. Let’s send it to Mr. Takashi.

Saksham stops. Everyone asks what’s wrong? Saksham says we can’t send this design. Nikhila says why? He says this is our competitors design. They can file a case on us for theft. Everyone is shocked. Mr. Modi says chiragh did you copy? He says I didn’t know. Nikhila says it’s not his fault. Did you make or steal it Aashi? Aashi says I designed what I thought. Saksham says it happens. The idea that we think is already made. Let it be. I will apologize to Mr. Takashi.

A post man comes in with a letter and balloons. Nikhila opens it. The balloons float. Gopika holds it. Saksham calls Mr. Takashi. The letter falls in Saksham’s hands. It’s a desing. Saksham is shocked. Saksham says on call I got the design. Let me send it. Thank you for the second chance. Nikhila says but who sent it? He says let me check. He reads Radhika.. It’s Gopika’s burned design. Nikhila says we don’t know any Radhika. Gopika says who is Radhika?

Precap :

Nikhila says this design is so good. Whoever this Radhika is.. she is so talented. Saksham says she saved us on right time. Baa says to Gopika Radhika did what Gopika couldn’t. Saksham says I should thank her. She wrote her number. HE calls. Baa says talk to him as Radhika. Radhika will be the DIL Nikhila wanted.

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