Tera Mera Saath Rahe 12th January 2022 Written Update:

Nikhila says relax. We realize we will track down Saksham. The police search for Saksham. Gopika sees the thug outside. He runs. He heads inside and shed and says police is outside they’re searching for him. Priya is coming. The hooligan calls Priya and says police is here.

She says I am coming there. Unwind. The thug says we are going. How will we respond. They’re outside. I don’t want to go to prison once more. Priya says I am coming. He hangs up. Gopika says he ran yet his shoe steps are noticeable. I’m certain Saksham is here.

The hooligans are stressed inside. The police breaks the entryway. Everybody heads inside. Priya comes outside. They’re searching for Saksham. He’s not in the shed. Priya looks in. Controller says we should go. Gopika says no he’s here. I’m certain.

Chiragh says we shouldn’t sit around here. He’s not here. They leave. Gopika is stressed. Gopika sees his button and says he’s here. Gopika says I sewed it myself. Overseer says that implies they should be close. Cordon off the area.

Nobody ought to escape this region. Priya gets in her vehicle and calls Shankar. She says where could Saksham be? he says we ran from that point. Priya asys where could he be? Shankar says we will kill him. Priya says would you say you are insane? He says Saksham just has two hours. He’s to go if not he will get us captured.

Shankar and his men attempt to cover Saksham behind a divider. Priya expresses how are they doing my Saksham. I want to believe that he’s alright. Priya is concerned. Gopika calls Priya. Priya says Saksham is in a tough situation as a result of you.

I told you not to call the police. The hooligans have taken Saksham. They will kill him in 2 hours. It’s out of my hands. They will kill him, kindly accomplish something. It’s in your grasp as it were. Gopika expresses what? Nikhila asks what did Priya say? The hooligans continue to construct the divider.

Gopika envisions moving around with Saksham. She says I love you to him. The hooligans hit Saksham. Gopika says I let you know all not to call the police. They will kill Saksham in several hours. Where will we track down him? Nikhila says God kindly save my Saksham. we need him back. The hooligans continue to construct the divider.

Gopika petitions God for him. A man comes there with a symbol on the chomp. The peacock leaf falls in Gopika’s grasp. She follows it. It falls outside their home. Gopika says assuming God brought me here there should be some explanation. Everybody is stressed. Keshap says let me call the police. Gopika says kindly quiet down.

Gopika hears a blare. She says would you be able to all hear? Gopika says this is Saksham’s alert. The one I got for him. Aashi says however why wouldthey bring him home? The hooligan says since police would search for him all over yet his own place. Gopika says my heart says he’s here in the house. Nikhila says examine each corner. Everybody checks out the house. Gopika actually takes a look at their room.

Chiragh says we should see this store room. Saksham is losing breath. Gopika sees the divider. Saksham is behind it. The melody humari adhuri kahani. Saksham envisions saying to Gopika he will forever be hers. Gopika attempts to tune in behind the divider. She brings a sledge and starts breaking the divider. The divider beraks. Gopika sees Saksham. She shouts. She continues to break the divider. Chiragh comes there too. They break the divider. Saksham is tied behind it. He’s not moving. Chiragh says how about we get him out. They bring Saksham out.

Precap :Gopika says Saksham open your eyes. Gopika says he’s not relaxing. She shouts. Everybody is stressed.

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